Second Life was a nice game. Before there where the script kiddies with weapons.


One of the most annoying things (and it will keep people from spending money in SL which is why Linden should be interested in solving this problem) is weapons.

As I was attacked over the last days several times a day, this thread in the SL forums just kicked it over for me to finally write something about it.

I had my nick registered around last year when initially trying out SL, and got back using it this year. As I now own a piece of land I wanted to go shopping.

In the last three days, I have encountered several people using weapons of me of several kind. Sandboxes are already unusable.

In order to do abuse reports, I started making screenshots of them and looking them up afterwards. Oh and of couse, both abuse reports I send in, I have not had an answer at all. So as it seems we need to talk where the money is. (and it would really help if the message I send it is copied in my acknowledement of the abuse report …)

All of them where new residents, all of them where not willing to understand that this is not a shooting game, all of them where like “yeah fuck off i do what I want”. To think that you can talk reason into them when they are clearly into exactly this . shooting people for the fun – is like expecting script kiddies to be in irc for talking and social exchange.

From what I see it those kids are the skript kiddies of SL. And they will become more andlook out for more “fun” if nothing is done against it. Yesterday I saw three whole pages on SL Echxhange about “great weapons” and alike.

I do not want to start having to look out for shields.

I do not want to be teleported away from a shopping spree or anywhere in a sandbox because some kiddies play wild west.

I have no interest in setting up my avatar again or ever try to build up my buildings or anything like it due to a shooting.

From a view of a skript kiddie, this must be heaven.

A new cool Egoshooter game where there are a lot of people as easy targets and more realistic guns than ever before. Just the bullets need some more work on. end of ironie.

Of course they do not stay in special zones – they never do. This is uncool.

People being attacked don’t shop, don’t explore. don’t buy land. They don’t play and especially don’t tell their friends about using Second Life.

I already say about SL “this *was* a nice game, but now there are skript kiddie equivilents in there”. This is out of hand and I am sorry: The real rush in of those has not even started.

Linden has to decide if they want to keep SL and evolve it or get it crashed by kids like that.

Of course there are solutions – make your own island, make your own home, only allow groups to enter and alike, but this is again against everything one would like back then in Second Life. In real life, we do have laws against that (at least in most countries) and there is a reason for it – people die.

As in SL you don’t die, but still it costs you a lot of time. My recommendation: Every time you geht attacked, do a an abuse report (help – abuse). In the moment of attack use ctrl-shift-S to do a snapshot (it will be faster than the abuse snapshot) and report. Make a copy of the text as you will not get one by the mail system.

Do I want to ban weapons at all? No. If that is what you want – great. If you find people who want that too – great. Consensual and everything around it. But if you are running around and attack people like those ones above, you are on the same level like any stupid skript kiddie.

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55 Responses to “Second Life was a nice game. Before there where the script kiddies with weapons.”

  1. Hi Nicole! :) You prolly already know about the “if you’re sitting, you can’t be pushed” trick. Beyond this, there’s more coming up: per-parcel no-push settings for sure, and I’ve also been asking about the possibility of having per-avatar no-push. It’s one thing I particularly liked from There, and it’d certainly be nice to roam around freely inworld with guns and whatnot having 0 effect.

    And that’s one thing that can be done that can’t be so easily done “IRL”: nullification of deadly forces.

  2. Adam says:

    Yes, I do agree that with some of the people on Second Life who have weapons that are new think that it is a place that they can do and say whatever they want. Which in a way is true, within Second Life you can do and what you want. If a new person is bothering you with a weapon or anything like that, as you have said, just report them. I do, however, admit to Linden Lab’s lack of customer service with that. I myself have weapons and shield, but I do not go around shooting every person I see. I only have them just incase a new person decides to shoot me, then I just get back at them and I wont see them for a while or I’ll befriend them. Second Life is a game but at the same time it is a community to start a business, to earn money, to roleplay, or just to have fun. So, all in all, for the new people just get back at them, if that doesn’t help then report them, and if that doesn’t help, well…..then thats about it. Just continue to have fun on SL if you can and just ignore the stupidity in some people. :)

  3. Pillah says:

    Hey Nicole,

    Indeed. This is my second day of my Second Life, and if I can’t avoid ill mannered kids or terrorising minors, I will keep my purse closed. Cheers, Pillah.

  4. Terry Book says:

    Interesting….what areas are you seeing this in? I’ve been in Second Life for a couple of months now and I haven’t seen anything of the sort, except for the time I went to a sandbox that was tagged as being a place to test weapons. And I certainly haven’t seen anything even remotely similar during my shopping excursions. Granted, I’m not counting the one-in-a-thousand griefer who behaves as though lacking even the intelligence of a doorknob, but that’s only an occasional encounter, and the griefing is usually in chat rather than using weapons, and it’s usually someone who’s upset about being banned from an area for being too big of a pain in the neck. The ones I have seen seem to be more of the “I don’t understand, why are you doing this to me?” variety rather than the “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me variety”. Although I’ve heard about a couple of those in the areas I frequent.

  5. Azkay. says:

    Just contact the ingame police department ;)

  6. Nicole says:

    thanks for your hints and tricks – so far it does not solve the problem to look away. And frankly, I have no intention on putting up weapons just to shoot some stupid kid. And it does not amuse me to see the search results for this page – which are mainly weapon and script resulted in negative sense like “weapons who can kill” and “weapons to shoot sitting people”.

    Yes you have the right to use all the toys you want if you do deal consiously with how much lag you might be creating as well as do not engage in shooting other people just because you like it.

  7. Kyoko says:

    Interesting thought on the weapons. I’m a bit of a script-monkey myself and so take the opinion into heart. Well, that and the fact that more than 5 people have fired at me on “ceasefire” ground more than once in my 4 days of SL life. The thing is though, that shields are widely available (aka invulnerability) so why not just grab one for free? If you still have problems I could send you one or something…

  8. Cathrac says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you and i find Azkay’s comment interesting, perhaps there should be a mod force that can ban people from parcels if they break said parcels rules. but beyond that, nothing annoys me more that going into a sandbox, getting trapped and then having no place to work. i like youre writing Nicole

  9. Mercury says:

    Well i do agree that some people are very imature, but if you ever go back to Second Life i recomend building on a sky platform. thats what i do anyway.

  10. Massimo says:

    I agree with you. The scripts used for assaults do not cost(are not worth) a sorrow(sentence), they should use it for educational, recreative things, but always there are persons with bad intentions.
    I saw in a called site, some scripts to download; Basic Motorcycle Script, animated texture simple, final flight 2.2, and more, also it is possible to download the complete manual of scripting for Sl.

    Regards: Massimo

  11. Annoynomous says:

    What part about “Game” Do you not understand?
    You like to have fun this way, they like to have fun that way.
    Don’t be so hash.

    I am very against you, Its a free internet and they should do what they want. And if you don’t like it, ask them to stop. Don’t just be all Insta-ban. That’s mean. And video-games are meant to ESCAPE from reality, not to be educational, not to be infromal, but to be FUN. Which is a word that is obviously forgotten here. But hey, if banning people on first sight and filing forms is fun to you…weird.
    That is all.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Search for a place called FurNation ingame, you can get a free fur.tool, which has a built in shield.

  13. Macojo says:

    If someone desides he wants to shoot that day, let him search for an arena area and combat with other shooters. They should not be allowed to harras people. Users play second life for enjoyment. A little mature behaviour is expected on this game .. play the teenversion if ya act like a child.

    I’m Pro weapons, aggainst harrasment.

  14. Albert says:

    I think Linden Labs should remain as uninvolved in these phenomonoma as possible. This will create economic opportunites. For instance, if you are so worried about an attack, why not hire a body guard. If Linden Labs were to come in, then it would lose economic prospect. It is just like the government we have today, except Linden Labs is now an “infinitely powerful” executive branch and could wipe out anything it wants. But it should only act, if it threatens the system as a whole.

  15. Jose says:

    Mmmmh. If you restrict what people can do in second life you take all the fun out of it. No good. Griefers aren’t a problem. They are a nuisance. I have had more problems with people who think that they should be Second Life cops and they cage you or push you away if your avatar is ugly. Those are the real problem… So, i learnt scripting in order to defend myself from… people like you.

  16. Bill coates (Raven seitan) says:

    i find it disturbing how there are people out there like that, also sitting down trick is a very good trick, personally if you ever need a anti-push script/cube ill be happy to give anyone one for free, and also anti push cubes are found at any good freebie warehouse, though i am not a premium member on second life, i would happily become one soon on SL, i work at the blue diamond club to earn my fair share of lindens ^-^ – Raven seitan (SL)

  17. Tads Vollmar says:

    New players in SL just don’t know better. Although reporting them seems to be affective I find it is better just to warn them. Say that you will get them suspended. The prospect of not being able to play SL for a certain amount of time or even never again is more threatening to them. They will learn to be more cautious in non-combat areas. I find this method far better than reporting them straight away.

    P.S: I’m 13 and I’ve only been playing for 2 weeks. I’ve never done anything like this and nor for that matter has anything happened to me like you described above. Would you also call me a script kiddie?

  18. Tobias says:

    I think Albert has a good point….no matter where you go or what you do on the internet and real life you’ll always get them kind of people…i would just say put up with it…because argueing with them is probalby giving them a buzz….lol

  19. Swiss man says:

    Your right there are laws in real life against it and in SL there are “laws” agains this also. But in Real life there is also something called Security companies that take the time to protect you your company your family and your way of life. maybe you should look one up sometime in second life instead of crying about it to lindens. if you dont want to be attacked don’t go places where you can be attacked simple enough

  20. Shoot people who want to be shot at in an arena? Give me a break…the people (like myself) like war. War is not about shooting people who want to be shot at in a specially designated area…it is about conquering land (which sadly we can not do), killing innocents (which we can not do), fighting for a cause (which we can do, but by the way its going, not for long) and making people hopping mad. “There are laws in real life.” …tisk, tisk, tisk. They aren’t the same type of laws you want. In real life, we CAN shoot random people. Sure, we’ll get arrested for it…but we can do it. The government itself is its own group of “fighters”…fighting for people to stop shooting other people. If players of SL wish to start their own government to stop random shootings, they have the right to…but without the help of the system. Just their own weapons, their own methods, etc. etc. Costs too much money to higher a body guard? No one will get one and the guards will lower their prices.

  21. Jhonny Graves says:

    lol. Wow, if you want to complain about something stupid at least spell right. Why would anyone wanna play a game with such fun possibilities as this ad spend it “going on shopping sprees” Ruining dumb peoples fun is way more fun then what the consider fun. Long live freedom!

  22. Nicole says:

    If you want to play shooting games, do so. But in essence SL is not build to be a ego shooter game – this is what wow and alike is for. Now, let’s think about business for a moment. Do big companies wanna engage in a Rambo like game or a nicer one?

    Probably the latter. So it is highly likely that in the long run you will have to go somewhere else to “have fun and shoot people”. In real life, for people like you there is thankfully also something called the Darwin Awards …

  23. Well, as I previously mentioned, SL is more fun than shooting games in that you can shoot people who do not want to be shot. And about the businesses, I think a lot of people would quit SL if there were restrictions such as the ones proposed, but maybe not. And people who want to make people angry can always find some other ways, at least you can use shields against guns (or your own guns for that matter).

  24. Oh, and lucky for you ban-every-thing-you-don’t-like SL players, I’ve quit SL due to the lack of freedom, and to continue my C++ DirectX/OpenGL gaming project, that will soon be posted on (probably on the morrow or the day thereafter). Anyone may join in the project if they wish, no knowledge of the C++ programming language is needed, but it could help. I am also welcoming any 3D graphics designers, or people who want to be. My e-mail address is listed at the website.

  25. Nicole says:

    Rikharthu, there is something much better than that. You can run around in the real world and shoot people who want not to be shot. Even more fun and more realistic. /sarcasm.

    It is not the premise of SL to expect something like this, but explicitly not have such things. There are ways to protect one against it, and in the long run – if not otherwise enforced – will take the same route as in real life.

    For starters this would be sims with restrict access codes only for trustworthy people and spilling out of elements not going for the self selected rules – one can always go somewhere else if you do not like it there.

  26. Matthias Gasser says:

    [quote]Just contact the ingame police department ;)
    Azkay. 10 August ‘06 – 08:27[/quote]

    i got putted in a box by someone called himself a “policeman”.
    He liked it to be the stronger one. I build/scripted a little attachment for this, to put a ”[NICK] has no manners” tag over someone like this, but sometimes this is not enough.
    But what to do with guys like this without being like them?

    I dont want to sit on a box, because people like this.
    I dont want to put shields (which cost L$) arround me, to work in a sandbox.
    I dont want to get put in a cage.

    I want to have some fun in SL without watching out guys like this.
    I want to go to sandbox without fearing to get shootet.
    28 April ’07 – 02:00

  27. peter the rabbit says:

    I came across this by acident, and Im reading every thing that was said and the debate, Id have to say like somone had mentioned, I wouldnt play second life with out the freedom, this game is all about having fun, if your not having fun, then stay in ur little cartoon house with the doors locked, and find a community that is protected and you will be safe. STOP BEING ANAL, STOP BEING A BABY, and move on to a game called TSO u might have been there, its safer for all you winey piss ants!!! anyways GRAZIE!!

  28. Machinenvy says:

    The truth of the matter is, in dealing with jerks and idiots, SL is not so different from RL. Unfortunately, you’ll find jerks and idiots everywhere. The sad part is that even the most pitiful, cowardly jerk suddenly become brave when they have the safety net of a computer screen and potentially thousands of miles between them and the person they are assaulting.

    I personally have no problem with banning weapons in SL. If someone wants to go around shooting people, they can buy an online multiplayer first person shooter like Soldier of Fortune II. You can find it in the bargain bin for $10 and kill other players all over the world for hours a day at no additional cost.

    As far as filing abuse reports, that’s a joke. I’ve filed three for very legitimate reasons, and no action was ever taken. Not even a warning. If you’re curious about the results of a report you file, remember the date and the location at which you filed the report, and check the SL police blotter a few days later. If action was taken, you’ll see the date, location, and nature of the offense on the list. But, ha ha, good luck with that.

    Anyway, you’re not alone. Not everyone feels SL should be a “Do whatever you want, who cares about other people” game. I certainly don’t. People like that would probably enjoy living in a state of anarchy in RL as well. That is, until someone infringes upon *their* rights and no one comes to their rescue. Then you’ll see them cry like little babies. ;)

  29. vince says:

    Good evening

    There seem to be some people in this thread that do not make the distinction between hedonism and being a jackass.

    Besides, as a FPS, SL sucks. That’s not what is was designed around. Get over it.

    If ya wanna run’n’gun, seek out others who do too. Leave the nobs outta it

  30. DBKRS says:

    In response to “Annoynomous” #11:

    First of all, “mean” is running around and attacking people, not trying to do something so they will quit attacking. Why should someone have to ask another to quit attacking them? It just should not happen. Secondly, you are ignorantly generalizing “video-games”. Many computer based programs are meant to be educational, and from the sounds of it, you should try them. It will not be people filing forms that will get these people banned, it will be the violators themselves. You are placing blame on victims for not wanting to be victimized (that is “weird”). Thirdly, the internet might be free in many ways, but Second-Life has owners and regulators. What they permit is and will be the law of SL. You cannot legally do whatever you wish on the internet! Lastly, your bluntness by saying “DEAL WITH IT” (followed by “Don’t be so hash”) is more proof that individuals like you, neither have the mental capabilities to make proper decisions, nor should your decisions be considered.

  31. Nicole says:

    If I play a video game, like a shooter, I would not complain about being shot. And I would not expect somebody in World of Warcraft to be nice to me – goal of the game / setting is to conquer and to fight.

    But around SL – while it is possible to have areas which are marked for such games – I expect not to be attacked and react on this the same way I would if somebody would attack me “for fun” on the streets.

    And I deal with it – in different ways. One of which is taking out the fun of “the game” for the people attacking in taking actions.

  32. peter says:

    Deal with it…why should people have to put up with dumb behavior, the concept and spirit of the game is to build and explore, have talks and enjoy others company, if your goal is to shoot, distroy, kill, and such then go to those web-sites. Every time a new place comes online to enjoy here come in the trash of or world ruining a good ideal, why should we have to “deal with it” next time somebody kills, steals, hurts, you or a love one in the real world “just say deal with it” because that idiot who did the crime can’t understand why it’s wrong just as you can’t see whats wrong in how you metally attack others trying to live a cyber life to escape for a while…you want to fight join the army and go to Iraq.

  33. Luki says:

    For people who say the game is about FUN … if the only way that you can have FUN is to decrease someone else’s enjoyment, which is generally the consequence of you interrupting what they were doing without a by-your-leave … than you are kind of a sad sort of person, aren’t you? Of course, you’re not alone.

    For Richard … yes, you can draw the anology to RL police/goverment if you want. The reason that “the system” needs to be much stronger in a virtual world such as this, is to counteract the fact that people have a much decreased incentive to obey the “laws” because the possible punishments are much less. So since it isn’t possible to give people the correct amount of incentive to follow the utility-maximizing course of action, some freedom has to be removed, in order to constrict their actions towards utility-maximization.

  34. luke says:

    i am 1 of these “kids with guns” for some of us this is why we use secondlife there are armys and war games and if u dont want 2 be apartof this i recommend u stay out of kill zones and grab a fur tool they r free at the ur plex and say fur.lock this will lock u so u cant be orbed or pushed

  35. WTF says:

    oh my fkn goddddd are you serious.. if you get emotional about being shot on SL get a RL or get out of SL and go back to your RL – weapons are easily accessible on SL whether you get for free or pay or given.. and reporting av’s for shooting??? no wonder you didn’t get a reply from linden they’re probably ROFL.. if you don’t like what someone is doing or saying TP somewhere else.. there’s hostile rude obnoxious people all over the world i’ve met them in SL & RL but at least if you get shot in SL you don’t die….it’s not the end of the game you just get TP back home….. i am 32 and i have guns and swords and am going to purchase a bow and arrow when i get the chance and i’m not a so called “kiddie scripter” i actually like having all these fantasy weapons in this ‘FANTASY’ game…. next you’ll want sex and strip clubs and all the shops selling drugs banned…whatever… maybe you should just play SIMS on a playstation or xbox cos you’re not cut out for MMORPG’s.

  36. Maximus Phlox says:

    I sell weapons and shields in-world. Its a thriving business, and not by the power of young children (thought you had to be 18 anyway). The largest consumer of weapons are females 25 to 42 from my statistics. They beat male sales by 2 to 1. I thought at first it was to protect themselves from sexual harassment and such, but I have found that it is for the pure enjoyment of domination, the same that they may lack in RL.

    Say what you will. Lindens, ban if you will. People enjoy the alternative to RL in SL, and sometimes that includes a little terrorism. I would rather witness a Jihad in SL than RL any day.

    To our intrepid author, stop by my shop in Imagination (appropriately called Mayhem) and we will outfit you with some excellent, complementary weapons.

  37. Gaara Arashi, Lord of Azure Sky says:

    Sometimes, its hard to deal with these things in SL, so when you find a person like this, a ‘greifer’ call on me and The Knights of Azure Sky. IM Gaara Arashi in-game and I’ll help anyway I can, thats what the Knights are for.

  38. john says:

    I have no idea what you people are bitching about. Personally, I have been banned merely fro HAVING greifer scripts, without shooting anyone who didn’t shoot me first. Whenever I have been shot at, it has been jokingly. The other day, an SL even cop make me put a shirt on my male avatar who has a full body tattoo. I set the shirt texture to the tattoo texture and the shirt to tight and full length, so it looks the exact same, but apparently thats not breaking the rules.

  39. scott says:

    Second Life is an anything goes zone… just like real life. You people who are having a hard time with shooters need to EVOLVE and find protection… otherwise quit whining. In the last week I have witnessed shootings in REAL LIFE at 2 churches and a mall. This behavior is real life! It is being ported into this simulated life… some of you parents out there are doing a really crappy job, and it’s screwing things up for the rest of us. We are a very diseased society… if you don’t realize that, you are in extreme denial! Just look at what we value… bling, guns, sex, all self-indulgent things that tend to spoil us and lead to social degradation. Get used to it or do something about it… either way, don’t play the victim and look for pity.

  40. MT says:

    Hi all,

    I have been on SL only for a short time, but i have already been around alot of places, as well as explored and learned a great deal. I have to agree with some of the comments made here -SL is a virtual amplification of RL, and just like in RL, assholes are everywhere. Except in SL, cowardly little assholes can make (unlikely) find, buy or get given very powerful weapons.

    It isn’t shooting i am talking about. Get shot in SL and nothing happens outside of a combat zone. You might get knocked back slightly, and there might be a blood splatter animation. The REALLY annoying weapons are not the ones that shoot bullets. They’re trappers, cagers, orbiters, rammers or other sim crashers. Or worse: bannishers . Those weapons are designed for maximum annoyance to the target, by forcing them to TP to another area, restart their client, or stop them from coming back to a designated areas by leaving scripted objects around.

    Linden Labs don’t seem to be prepared to take reports seriously. I have had this happen to me too many times now while i was trying to learn and create in a sandbox. Sandboxes are great even if you own land, as they allow you to meet a variety of people doing the same thing as you. But people using those weapons ruin them for everyone else. So i have made a decision. I do not want to have my Second Life ruined by griefers, so i am and will keep on buying the best, most destructive and annoying weapons available, and whatever griefer has the audacity to as much as trap me will greatly regret his actions. All of you out there should do the same, and stand up to them. There are a number of ways to get free lindens legally. Use part of them efficiently, and make those griefers regret they ever joined Second Life.

  41. DT says:

    I am amazed at how many, usually the young, think that SL is a game! True, there are games there, but SL is not and was never intended to be a game. It is a simulation, and a very good one. Many residents actually earn income there that is REAL money, not just “points” like you would “earn” in a game. People get VERY upset when their income is at stake IRL. If you don’t believe it is for real just remember that one resident earned around $100,000(when converted to real dollars) in one year in SL. That is not chump change. There are real businesses in SL, real colleges where a REAL degree is earned. SL actually is part of RL for many residents. To have interference from those who want to play games in non-gaming areas is ludicrous.

    Moreover, most are just trying to do what they want to do. They are aware that they can’t do some things in some areas, but that is just the rules. Even the games have rules, usually enforced by the code of the programming, for instance…you can’t (usually) shoot thru walls or beyond your range. Games have rules enforced this way because without them, there would be no game unless the players themselves enforced them themselves(not likely with a younger crowd, just look at the “cheats” market in Vid games). But, SL is different, more like real life. It depends on people making mature decisions, and abiding by a code of conduct.

    When I first started SL, I was attacked in a sandbox by a cage. It was not a weapons testing area and was specifically a “no weapons area”. Perhaps some residents can’t read? My attacker was so callous as to ask for money! Up until that time I was willing to pass it off as an immature prank, but extortion is beyond civilized limits. I mean after all, he had his perverted fun, but he didn’t know when to quit. Fortunately, help arrived and orbited the jerk, then reported him. For his conduct, he was banned from SL for 3 days. Altho, with him I doubt it would keep him off any longer than it would take to make a new account. And considering his SL name was obscene in the first place, I doubt that it was his main account anyway, that alone would get one banned. Why he would be involved in such activity in a public sandbox, when there are areas in SL where one CAN attack and never get reported(because they are designated for violence) is truely mindboggling. And, being as I was on a dialup connection, I was virtually disabled in SL. Walking and flying are very difficult.What kind of menace attacks the disabled?

  42. YoMero says:

    SL without violence against anyone in any place is just a big fat chat, period.

  43. Karl Junior says:

    And as everyone is fully aware, Torley Linden is a flaming homosexua, replete with all the liberal whiney baggage associated with such an affliction. There is a reason Sl is based in San Francisco…

  44. Anonymous says:

    @35, 39, 42 & 43:

    Go play WoW, Everquest or whatever game you want. You belong there. SL is not a game, and is not intended for shooting. Just because you *can* does not /ever/ mean that you *should*. There are areas set up for you; stay in them. If you want to be immature then by all means go play at the kiddies’ table. You don’t belong with rational people.

    I’ve got money that says neither of you are over 25, and that likely you’re both on ADHD drugs. Grow up and go play your games elsewhere – this place is ours and you don’t belong.

    You are the people she’s talking about.

    @23 & 24 .. good for you. Freedom to screw with other people grants them the freedom to get rid of you :) Looks like it worked… Glad you got out of SL. “SL is more fun than shooting games in that you can shoot people who do not want to be shot.” Wow, you’re such an ass it’s incredible. Are you a rapist, too? Is it fun for you to fuck people who don’t want to be fucked? Have you *forgotten* that there is a person on the other side of every av you have ever shot? How many abuse reports have been filed against you? In RL you go to jail for the shit you people pull. There is no SLPD. Anyone caught in any of my clubs doing this crap gets banned without recourse.

  45. bored says:

    ok, I do see where you are coming from. But, you need to remember that A. If you see a health icom in the top left, your going to be shot. B. If your in a sandbox, have a locker. And C. Most multitools have a trapper, USE IT.

  46. Allon says:

    to be honest, there are some people who get annoying. but there are fixes. most sims now have a no-push default, so nobody can use a push script from their guns. the only time i really find these people really REALLY annoying is when i am working on making something in a sandbox. to be honest, i think your whole statement is sound, but completely your own oppinion, and it made me feel like taking a fist, and ramming it into your face. but hey, i have control. if you cant deal with a few shooters here and there, then hat’s YOUR personal problem.

  47. TT says:

    The weapons exsist because some like to Roleplay with them and they have combat Sims, 90% of malls dont allow guns or scripts, The shooting really isn’t all that bad. It just depends where you go. of course the noob areas will always be the worst, But there are some sand boxes where I have never been attacked and others that are like warzones, I just avoid those.

  48. grendel says:

    only weapons I own are for rp, and the rules of the sim i play in are any weapons that push or orbit or otherwise mess up anything but your combat meter are not allowed

  49. dfds says:

    It isn¡¯t shooting i am talking about. Get shot in SL and nothing happens outside of a combat zone. You might get knocked back slightly, and there might be a blood splatter animation.

  50. Stingar says:

    One of the longest running whine threads I’ve read. SL is an open source program. Deal with it. I actually enjoy having weapons in weapon sims, or enjoy doing crimes in crime sims, or playing the cop in cop sims, what ever flavor I want , i can find. I personally don’t care if someone else doesn’t like what I do or don’t do. Do I shoot people? yes, if the sim is designed for that, and it’s in the course of an event. Am I a script kiddie? No. First your whine that everyone that does this is a kid, is ridiculous. The biggest SL weapons designers are all in their late 20’s early 30’s. And as many adults use those weapons as do kids. You had a bad experience? deal with it, toughen up, and realize, that if you want to live in a Leave it To Beaver world, then go there in SL, and stay there. What do I do when I have them? I either report them, return fire, or ban them. There is your solutions.

  51. Zac says:

    I build and sell guns on the teen grid, and weapons are a very lange buisness, especially on the teen grid, and linden isnt, and shoudlnt do anything about that. Linden makes quite a bit of money from people who buy L$ just to buy guns and i have a few friends who joined just to build and use guns, and yes, i know some of these people can be immiture, but as people have said, if you dont like guns, stay away from places that allow shooting, thats the whole reason for safe areas, like almost all malls, shopping areas, and well, anywhere not military, its very easy to just stay away from shooters, i spend almost all my time with them when im on secondlife because my whole buisness is guns, and dont get bothered by shooting unless im actualy in a battle zone. I dont think this is an issue at all.

  52. essie says:

    well…i used to do tht with my brother and anyways i disagree with u,they CAN do whatever they want cos its second life and we came there to have fun,so if they find it fun then leave them,and if u get teleported home suddenly after some1 shot u tht means the place u r in has something to do with weapons,and by the way,if you have your own land..then wtf ban them!

  53. Takl says:

    sandboxes may be dangerous but just rez a box and sit on it and you’ll be fine

  54. takl says:

    if you are being attacked in a WEAPONS TESTING SANDBOX it is entirely your own fault but people should ask before they shoot, to be polite

  55. OMG says:

    This was posted Posted on July 15, 2006…

    What the hell…

    This is a wine and a half here guys.

    ignore the troll and let it go back into it’s cave.

    Person probably doe’s not even frequent SL any more

    Seriously nowadays there is a tone of gadgets to stop this happening

    If you gona moan about anything LAG , LAG , and oh yea LAG with a side of Sim crash…

    Recently left SL for OS grid
    much better totally free
    minimal lag.

    Have a nice day !