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In this last collection of soundbites – which was supposed to be posting automatically while the train was heading for France – you have shorter snippets of people who want to meet other people to connect. This sounds way simpler than it is mean, because every single one I know comes to Leweb for exactly this: meeting others, conversations and more.

And to check if the food, coffee and wifi this year hold up. ;) I already got some requests about doing an after Leweb Podcast: convince me while I am there, that there is more to be shared about Europe and I’ll be happy to do so. Looking forward talking to you in Paris!

The soundbites in the file:

  • Betsy Weber(Twitter Web)from the States, wants to meet screencasters and hit the christmas markets
  • Ana Pires(Twitter Web)is from Portugal and is looking for people to collaborate with
  • Dean Whitbread(Twitter Web Web)is from the UK and wants to show that not all British are Euroskeptical. He is looking forward to show some fashion ;) and also meet with innovative and creative minds of stuff which has not been done yet
  • Chris Pirillo(Twitter Web)another one from the States, also with the christmas shopping ;)
  • Anna Friedrich(Twitter Web)is from Germany and is scouting speakers for next10 next may
  • Michael Moore-Jones(Twitter Web)is a 15 year old who wants to do reporting for the folks back home in NZ or as he puts it: given that he currently is in Europe he would be a complete idiot not to attend.

    Lili Rodic

  • Lili Rodic(Twitter Web)
    Not in the sounbites but she left a comment. Lili is also the one you want to talk to because “looking for EU partners; web development; nearshoring to Croatia”
    why? nice people, great atmosphere :)
    who? I will meet dear people from all over EU and comment real time web in real life with them!
    what? I wish to meet new clients and/or partners for and and show them some croatian nice web applications.

Download MP3 (8:10 min, 5 MB)

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