SFO: Moma and meetups


A quick update: I am back in SFO again, this time for blogher where I am teaching advance ‘podcasting stuff’ and also to meet nice people in the area. Already I have encountered a lot of familiar and new faces. Which is the nice part: You already know a lot of people from online and now it is very often “oooooh this is you!!!”

Which was also true in San Francisco where I was at Podshow – no, not what you think. ;) I was there to meet Andrew Grumet (had a nice coffee with him, have to do that again!) and through him Michael Butler reminded me that there was a monthly SFO Podcaster meetup near my hotel – perfect. Again: Meeting old friends and new faces was awesome.

After blogher I will be heading back to SFO and thursday I will be flying back to Germany. Plans? Perhaps do some Segway Tourist tour, probably visit the musical A Chorus Line and for the rest enjoy SFO ;))

And the Moma? I found again I hate modern ‘art’. (I will make some fotoseries of empty starbucks frappuchino bottlecaps and call it art also.) I think the Explanatorium, de Young and Golden Gate Park will be much nicer.


2 Responses to “SFO: Moma and meetups”

  1. Mark Wubben says:

    Hey Nicole, I’m in Palo Alto at the moment, if you happen to pass through, let me know [1] and we can have a coffee/lunch/whatever. I can even demo cool English language applications! ;-)

    http://novemberborn.net/contact for US phone number

  2. Nicole says:

    I know, I saw your plazes ;) ;)

    I might be tempted to go to Palo Alto because I would like to get a cup at the coupa caffee ;)))