SL: What would make you rent a flat in Second Life?


If you play Second Life, one of the things you notice is how ugly land can be. And how expensive buying land is. One trick is to buy land from somebody else and pay them – this way, you don’t need to get a premium user.

But, buying land is contagious with the “I want more’ bug and while I am still not sure if and how I would like to use SL in commercial way, I have set up my house in SL in Antilia.

As usual I notice that I have more fun with building things than really playing in it. Just like Lego back in childhood or blogs today. ;))

So I was considering rebuilding my house and renting out flats – while this is a pure residential sim, renting out houses is allowed. And I would love to make it more blogger / podcast centric. Which is probably the reason why I got Thomas to buy the land next to me ;) ;) Antilia really is a nice place, especially because of the vegetation and how the streets are build, much better than normal sims. Take a look at my home -( btw I do have another connecting piece of land right next to it, 2000sqm I would consider selling ;))

As I know that at least two readers of mine are homeless ;) I was wondering if we all could share some thoughts on what would make you buy / want / rent a home in Second Life.

Some thoughts from my side:

* For me, SL started to be fun once I had a place where I could set my home mark to (=teleport home) see some of the neighbours and start decorating my house. Something like that. But I also would like to have a place where people gather, like a meeting place – so in inviting Thomas to live nearby, this made sure I have from time to time some people I know.

* If I would not have had a land to buy (impulse buy, btw), then I would have liked to have a place nearby people I know so we can meet from time to time – be it on purpose or by accident.

* Having a house and land is nice – but it is much nicer to have a casual place to meet other like minded people. I would much prefer an apartment complex than houses which very often need a lot of space to look nice and therefor make it much more expensive.

* I would like to see only so much of others = have glas everywhere in my flat but not have others look into my rooms.

* I don’t really see the point in having a separate bathroom or bedroom (unless you want to have cyber sex in SL in your bed – two rooms and for example a rooftop are already great. One more open to show off, one more private to use it in a more private way and some place ‘outside’.

* how much space do you want to have and how much would you be willing to pay for it? btw, the amount of what you are willing to pay for it also influences the flat you get – just like in real life. ;)

* Renting out should be easy and without hassle

While I really like the concept of pure residential sims and commercial sims, I do see in the future that I might want to be part of a commercial island to do some business.

Oh and trying out – Do you really want a place to try out a lot of things, because this is what the sandboxes are for. Due to the recent increase of guys building weapons and trying to destroy avatars, I do see a future in having payed access only sandboxes with personal invitation or something like it. :(

If you like to meet me in SL, name is Nixande Teazle. And did you notice? Once you start building in SL, everything around you brings up the question in your mind “hm. Wondering how I can copy that into SL!”? :)

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9 Responses to “SL: What would make you rent a flat in Second Life?”

  1. C.C. Chapman says:

    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who finds land buying addictive :) Swing by to see my current office/hangout area. Cleon Goff in world.

  2. Nicole says:

    Well, I would if you ever would be in life at the same time as I am! :)

  3. Charlie says:

    Are you sure we can buy a land with a basic account? Can I own a land with a basic account?

  4. Nicole says:

    Yes, you just cant buy it from Linden, you need to go through one of the other dealers.

  5. Maddison says:

    I’d love to rent a place as not keen to buy at the moment. Is this really possible? Where can I find out where to rent from? Sorry to ask, I’m a newbie *blush*.

  6. Stan Pomeray says:

    If anyone is looking for affordable Second Life rental homes, please take a look at the SP3 website,

    Plenty of places to choose from at L$295 a week, and no need to pay premium membership.

    The company has been operating for around 18 months, and we have some tenants that have been renting continuously for a year, which in Second Life terms is a very long time – so we must be doing something right!

  7. Yvonne Pettersson says:

    Hi, I liked your writing about having a home in Second Life. I’ve just entered the world and dreaming of a home of my own. Nothing fancy, just somewhere I could relax with friends and decorate. Sadly I haven’t understood completely how to do yet, but I’m working at it. Maybee I will say hi if you still can be found at S.L. My name there is Yvja Urvilan. Take care!

  8. Haha! I was freaked out when you mentioned seeing things in real life and copying them into Second Life – thats exactly what i do! I see an interesting building in Real life, then dash home to try my hand at the architecture.

    Love it!

  9. Caeser Luminos says:

    As with RL , in SL you need a home some place to call your own. I own a large corner of Alturing and Kerala. I came to SL with an idea, a vision of things i wanted to see and do. Thankfuly my RL allowes me to do that. But reciently I began thinking about somthing. After going exploring one day and noticing all the rentals that are going up, and the prices of the rentals, I decided to do some of my owne. with all the people paying high rent for a shack by the beach. My idea was a 2 story studio with access to a large garden area, and a reasonable rent, one a camper might be able to afford. As of January 15 09 im still working on it but get closer every day. The thing about SL thats so unlike RL is that the laws of physics dont apply, and i do let my mind expand into that, you can build high in the air or with long spans that float and know its not going to fall and kill someone. AS far as the geeks with guns go, TURN OF THE SCRIPTS , or like me be on moast of the time, so they can be ejected or delt with in a less kind way.
    Caeser Luminos