Some Politicians in Europe Embrace Web 2.0


is how I would have named the article in Business Week. ;o)

Kerry Campell asked me some questions about how German politicians ‘work’ with Web 2.0 for her article “Europe’s Politicians Embrace Web 2.0. The quote for Germany is absolutly correct:

German politicians, however, are a bit slower than their Continental neighbors to get on the Web 2.0 wagon.

A very nice understatement. ;o) Although my interest in politics can be called “small” (one of the reasons I insisted she should talk to Nico about this as he is much more into the political stuff than I am) her questioning got me curious:

How are politicans in your country using modern technology? My view goes especially to my readers in the smaller European countries like for example Portugal ;)

Do they embrace it, or is it more of a necessary evil? Do they understand what they are working with, or is it more of a reaction because “others are doing it” and so they have to in order to stay cool?

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