Spellbound annoyances


In order to not annoy you so much, I until now did spell check through Google. Which always meant copy, go to Gmail, open new mail, paste, check, copy, go back here, paste … this is annoying and therefor I remembered , the Firefox extension.

“Did you mean Firebox?”

Am I again the only one who expects a Firefox extension for spelling to have in the basic directory at least most of the current web words? Like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc, or Gmail, Flickr and different instances of blog, blogs, blogger, etc? I have not written anything about podcasting, but i fear the worst.

Also – as many of you like to bash Microsoft but as you may know I do defend especially some of their UI decisions – if I replace something I wrote with a word which is also not in the directory it should ask “would you like to add it?”.

You have to go into the FAQ to get information on basic features like “how to use it” – I am sorry, but a FAQ for me is always about additional features and questions, not about basic usage. That one is called ‘help’.

Also I would like to have two settings – check English / check German. And there should be not one but one for each language personal dictionary. Why? Because I constantly mix the languages! So if I have a word I frequently use which is not in the dictionary and I add it, it is in there set to be correct. If I use this spelling in another language, this may be totally wrong!

And speaking of editing personal words or spell check it at all – I HATE it when applications don’t keep the window size I used them last time. If I want to edit words, I want to see this not on a tiny part of my screen, but the text in as big as possible! *hrmpf*

Yes, I know I am spoiled by the features of Winword’s spellchecker, especially in German. A pity, I can’t use it in Firefox.


4 Responses to “Spellbound annoyances”

  1. Ole says:

    The Spellbound Link is dead since the last 10 Days. If you want to get the extension, use this Link.


    You can find all Dictionaris for Spellbound here.


    Nicole: You can combine two Dictionaris to one, make your own Dictionari


  2. Hi Nicole:

    I just upgraded to Firefox and found that my Spellbound extension doesn’t work. I tried to tweak it with about:config—>app.extensions.version but with no joy.

    Do you know how to make this extension work with the new upgrade?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. Nicole says:

    Downgrade? :) No, I am sorry, but thanks for the warning. :)

  4. ratTus says:

    Hi all, my FF seems to work fine with Spellbound from the link provided by Ole — thanks Ole. I have just downloaded version from there, it uses my old dictionaries, and well, I am about…wait…I just have spell checked this comment :) — ratTus