Splitting the dots – or the Ben?


Ben Metcalfe has splitted up his blog towards a personal blog and a more serious one – and he explains in here why.

I find this whole splicing up and getting back together annoying and at the same time I totally agree with what he says.

I struggle with a similar reason (add two languages as well) and have not found a decent workaround for myself how I want to use the different media / possibilities as I see fit .. and much more would like to see more tools being used to tailor what ever you want to see on your side.

Because I have no clue what your preferences are. They may be very strange to me. So how can I decide how to split it up when every one is different?

Anyhow, wanted to spread a little link love. :)


4 Responses to “Splitting the dots – or the Ben?”

  1. Guillaume says:

    Hi Nicole, first time I’m leaving a comment here… Hope you’ll find it interesting ;)

    I was thinking about the problem you mention above, and I think that there is already tools that would allow you to do all that stuff under one URL. Personally, I’ve been thinking about switching to a wiki-based solution for a while (Guess why ? -> see my blog).

    There is more and more tools that would fit this purpose. Here is how it could go :
    1) create a wiki, set it to open view but private edition;
    2) then create 2 spaces (one serious, the other less) and put a blog macro on the main page of those 2 spaces;
    3) You’re ready : you’ve got a place with one URL, 2 distinct spaces and the possibility to add content on pages that are not necessarily blog posts (eg, a memo on a given topic or a page that lists all your videos…);
    4) On some wikis there is even a feature that allow the easy creation of a page in every language you want to write in (ie, you can easily write a copy of your original page in another language under the same URL)
    5) Then you can set RSS feeds for either one blog, both of them or th whole website… So that your readers are free to choose ;)

    I haven’t done it yet though, and I guess it would require loads of work to keep everything up-to-date. It would be more complicated to use than most usual blogs, but allow for greater flexibility… So I guess there is pro and cons (as usual), specifically depending on what you want to achieve.

    PS: I think I’m on my way to write a post to develop this idea :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Guillaume, I do have something like that – it is called differnt blogs for different purposes.

    Sure I could run them under one domain, but it would not take away the problem of how to slice and dice the different topics so that you can actually make up what is interesting to you. And the person next to you. And so on. :)

  3. Tech bee says:

    What about different icons (pictograms) in front of every post. Now I am serious, now I am not, here I talk to you geeks, here I talk to you all. etc.

  4. Nicole says:

    Techbee you mean as in professional / privat etc? It still does not solve the problem for people who want jsut one or the other content. :()