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After our very successful session “Outsourcing Social Media Professionally Without Selling Your Soul” in this years SXSW, it seemed only logical to submit a similar yet enhanced proposal for next year (judging by the amount of people showing up after three nights of party, on Monday morning, 9:30 am after Daylight Saving Time and the interaction we got from the attendees – I call that very successful).

Kate Buck and I want to pick up the feedback and questions we got to make another session for SXSW 2012.  As always, the sessions have to go through the advisory board and all, but a huge part of SXSW is the so called panel picker: You as the possible attendee vote on the sessions you want to see. If you could spend a moment glancing through this and give feedback to make it more appealing, I would very much appreciate it. :)

What Social Media Managers need to know but don’t

Event Interactive 2012
  1. Nicole Simon
  2. Kate Buck
Description How many people are thrown into Social Media positions without being given the proper tools and education on how to execute? And then are expected to deliver stellar results! When working with machines, you need to learn how to operate them.

Yet when it comes to Social Media, it seems as if concepts like skills assessment, proper training, handbooks, processes, systens abd workflows are ignored.The result is poor performance, higher costs of business and complications, not to speak of frustration of employees and contractors. Rules and regulations can pose additional problems.


We will discuss how to set up a framework for an effective Social Media Management program, which areas need to be covered and what you can learn from the Enterprise. Also there will be time for answering questions from the audience.

Questions Answered
  1. Job and skill requirements for Social Media Managers and Workers
  2. What areas need to be covered when setting up Social Media Management?
  3. How to manage Social Media Workers
  4. Why documentation is your friend and not the enemy
  5. Why missing rights management can jeopardize your company
Level Beginner
Supporting Material This session is an enhanced version of our 2011 session “Outsourcing Social Media without selling your soul”. We received a lot of requests afterwards to do such a session again with a more general focus on the management of Social Media.Also, our work experience over the last years shows that companies and freelancers continue to ask for these information on how to get started and get going in Social Media.

The session is suitable for Social Media Managers from every kind of company size.

Category Social Media / Social Networks
Tags marketing, social media management, training



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4 Responses to “SXSW Panelpicker Feedback wanted: What Social Media Managers need to know but don’t”

  1. Mike Klein says:

    This sounds like an excellent and much needed session… Where and when is Interactive 2012?

  2. Nicole Simon says:

    Next SXSW Interactive is March 9th til 13th

  3. Gerd says:

    But Social Media needs to be about strategy first. Tools are just tools and not relevant.

    • Nicole Simon says:

      100% agreed. But there comes a point when strategy is all set (at least they think they have, most of the time) and then the ‘doing’ screws it up. How to tweet, how to make an editorial calender, how to set up working hashtags, what is the policy of answers, are there guidelines in place, what does legal say, what does the product management have in mind, what is the plan and buildup for a product launch, where to get different content, how much time does it take to plan and publish the postings, which skills are needed and need to be taught … the list is endless.

      It is a different thing than strategy – but all the strategy in the world does not help if you do not know “how to do it”. If you want to go to place x by car and don’t know how to drive, you can dream it up all you want – you are not going to get there by yourself. ;)