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Twitter, Facebook and the rest – why you have to play around just to keep up

Summary: The internet is changing us and society so fast – how we work + communicate + interact + shop + research – that it is not enough anymore to just observe and only partly dive in. “Internet” is not

The Blog Council is a good idea – the enterprise HAS different needs than small business and Joe Blogger

This cought my eye this morning: A blog council made for enterprise sized corporations, to share and learn. As expected, the blogosphere is all over the clueless corporations again, though missing the point behind it. I welcome this step, but

blognation: Welcome to India

Blognation has just launched the blog about India and slowly we are getting more and more countries together. Great to see the different posts roll in and I already had some people ask me “is there really a web 2.0 …

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Podcast Hotel started

This place is cool and already see a lot of people I *have* to talk to! Podcast Hotel is not as huge as the Portable Media Expo but sorry, the content is much much better. :)…

Useless (to me) universal power plug to sell …

Well it looked so great. A connect everthing to every country powerplug adapter, bought at heathrow.

But guess what – it does not work with my German power plugs – and I idiot never tested it of course. At home …

Another one is feeling the twitter bill

Jason Calacanis enjoys a ‘perk’ of the American mobile phone system:

Crushed by twitter bill… Ugh. Be careful people!

He pays nearly 240 dollars – may I note again that sms receiving does not cost anything over here? ;)

I …

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Funny: Gave up my apparment to live in hotels

There is an amusing thread over at Flyertalk about Gave up my apartment to live in Hotel’s. Given my current travel patterns I still could not justify this. ;) But this entry really cracked me up:

I did this

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Documentary about Apple and the Ipod

Although I am not much of an Apple Lover (they are just not compatible with me) I do acknowledge which role they have played and what has happened throughout the last years because of this the company – and of …

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Regretfully the userbase was not as stupid as we thought

When I first read about Performancing metrics going to Payperpost I thought “ouch – exactly the reason why I do only trust a few tools”. Because it was users and data for mining which would have been sold. And the …

Rocket Science or a matter of common sense? Some friendly suggestions for providers of so called “network connectivity” on conferences

If you have been to any major tech conference in the last years I assume you will recognise the following situation:

“We are proud that our sponsor XYZ will provide us with this gigantic connection to the Internet to make