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Leweb pre conference podcast complete

As usual I like to do a pre conference podcast with interviews of some of the speakers, and this time it is for Leweb which starts next monday. Over the next days you will find the interviews coming up on

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Meet the resale queen!

Croncast is one of my favorite podcasts because of the chemistry between Kris and Betsy. Basically they are ‘just’ talking all the time about her goodwill, dumpster diving, yard sale buy and sell them on ebay stories but I really …

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My topic at Barcamp London

As usual I am undecided what to present, as I do not live and die for just one project. ;) Given the mails and comments I receive most others are undecided as well. I therefore have made an extra page …

When you have to speak German at the caltrain station …

Plazes founders Felix and Stefan are in the Valley at the moment (I already saw it in their plazes), and Felix has posted “How to know you´re in the heart of the digital economy“.

# When the dishwasher

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Finally – reboot 8

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Please comment: Do you think blogging podcasters are more successful than just podcasters?

This question is of course a bit unfair, as most people reading this will be blogger or blog readers themselves. :))

But as I am finishing my article for the new printed podcast magazine called ID3mag (first edition to be …

Etech Thursday – please post your notes / slides

I am not sure, but I think there will be not many audio recordings from today, so in case you have notes / slides, please post them, so one can at least read them, thanks.

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New Comm Forum

Arrived at the conference, my panel is up after this one I am just in and kind of by surprise for me, I am actually listenng to Howard Rheingold. Fun! (And of course, n that I will stay indor all …

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Hello from across the room!

Just receive that from another user. See, that is what plazes is for. :)…

Adaptive Path’s 5th Anniversary Party

Thanks to Peter Kaminsky for bringing “” to my attention.

Anyone going to this who can help me get to there from Palo Alto and more importantly also back?…