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Blogging is no academic research

I don’t remember who that was who just whined (again) about not getting attribution “where it is due” – I do have a name in mind but don’t find that damn post now. And after looking for that for three …

Coca Cola: Show the happy side of the Olympics.

Alex Williams writes about the bloggers paid by Coca Cola:

Coca Cola is sending bloggers and podcasters to the Olympics. I wonder if these blogs will be worth reading. Why make such a point that these people will only

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Employer’s restrictions – or is it protection?

On blogher in To Blog or not to Blog: when your employer decides:

The concerns of the modeling agency aren’t clear, but it does raise what is likely to continue to be a tough choice for employees. When an

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My job – forgot to tell you.

Short version: I told my boss before christmas that I will be leaving. I am available for hire full time oh let’s say from June 2006. :)

Longer version:
I just updated my openbc page a bit when it struck …

Does somebody have a live Gotomeeting account?

I would like to experiment shortly with that and test it out with somebody who has done some work with them, like a personal 15 minute looking around. So if you have such plan, please contact me. :)…

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Whole Paris is on fire.

Whole Paris? No, there is a little thing called centre of Paris, which is not says Loic.

[That is supposed to be a play with words. Yes, it is lame if you have to explain it. If you don’t …

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New spam attacts with links to ‘respectable sites’ – what is the purpose of those?

Since two days I get hit a bit by a new kind of spam – full of links to ‘respectable’ sites like, linux magazin etc. Other than bringing webmasters to enforce captchas or others on every side available, I …


The programm for LesBlogs is up. “Wow” is the word which comes to my mind. Go read for yourself how different speakers and panelist will have answers on these questions:

Let’s define together these new values and understand:

  1. How

Logo which symbolises conversation

Congratulation Laurent for his new logo – the first one I have ever seen to really symbolise the topic of conversation:
Markets are conversations

Pre-conference podcasting / location is set

Okay, who is attending? :) As my new “hobby” is pre conference podcasting, I will podcast the speakers and intend to get some comments or hints from you.

So if you are going to Lesblogs, contact me, I …