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A new blog in town: Excel

Excel-lent – that is the blog I have been waiting for: “Microsoft Excel – A discussion of what’s new in Excel 12“. While most of you probably have few to no interest at all about Excel, my main …

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ctbk #03: Alistar Shrimpton of Sixapart

My guest today is Alistair Shrimpton, Business Dev. Manager UK for Sixapart.

Download podcast (10.8 MB / 18:33 min)

We talk about why a “blogging company” comes to the podcast con, about the new podcasting feature of Typepad and …

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Citizen of the Net – across media

Meet some more marketing guys in Across the Sounds:

Each week marketing gurus Joseph Jaffe and Steve Rubel discuss the world of new marketing, media and PR on the Across the Sound podcast.

I have not heard through it …

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When is a business podcast a business podcast?

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I was just reading “Oracle to Podcast from Oracle OpenWorld San Francisco 2005“.

The Oracle OpenWorld podcasts will deliver news and information about each daily

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Tip: Use Technorati tags with spaces on multi words

I just noticed, that there is no need to include double versions with and without spaces for technorati – like for example and . It is sufficient (and better) to use the tag with multiple words with …

Cute Blaupunkt commercial

Didn’t I just mention that I love good advertisement? Try Bunny and Benny as an example. You can take look at this commercial of a cute bear and cute rabbit.

I have just played this commercial 7 times and will …

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Let me be your customer!

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Rachel asks “TV Ads are dead?” and references Hugh’s multi-billion dollar suicide pact between clients and television to state:

But its not going