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Podshow: A question of trust

Over at “a minor technology” Neil Dixon writes in The license to take it and use it:

In my day to day conversations with UK podcast producers and talent – at least those who are already producing within the

Updates on travel / where to find me.

I will be transfering from the SFO area to San Francisco on Monday and stay until Saturday later afternoon, and spend sunday back at the SFO area. During SanFran I will be staying at the Mosser Hotel on 4th street.…

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Say no to Apple (or: Talk to Apple in the only language they understand: Money and bad press)

Coming to think about it, why was I not outraged when they got to the podcatching software and after the *pod* part? Maybe it was a good test for them to see if or if not there would be an …

My topic at Barcamp London

As usual I am undecided what to present, as I do not live and die for just one project. ;) Given the mails and comments I receive most others are undecided as well. I therefore have made an extra page …

It is not leaving, it is about starting something

When you click techmeme and there is a news about two pages long, then you know, something is hot. :) And now I know why Maryam got a shiny new car – to fit in with the crowd in Silicon …

Please comment: Do you think blogging podcasters are more successful than just podcasters?

This question is of course a bit unfair, as most people reading this will be blogger or blog readers themselves. :))

But as I am finishing my article for the new printed podcast magazine called ID3mag (first edition to be …

Microsoft: That is a download, not a podcast.

Chris Pirillo writes that MS is podcasting and indeed, we do see a downloadable audio for “Microsoft IT Showcase Podcasts: How Microsoft IT Implements Encryption Using SQL Server 2005”.

But: I don’t see any feed. Til then, it is just …

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My job – forgot to tell you.

Short version: I told my boss before christmas that I will be leaving. I am available for hire full time oh let’s say from June 2006. :)

Longer version:
I just updated my openbc page a bit when it struck …

What is … Web 2.0

David Hornik asked some people: What is Web 2.0.

While at the Web 2.0 Conference, I asked a number of entrepreneurs what they thought “Web 2.0” was. While I didn’t get a whole lot of substantive answers, I did

Pre-conference podcasting / location is set

Okay, who is attending? :) As my new “hobby” is pre conference podcasting, I will podcast the speakers and intend to get some comments or hints from you.

So if you are going to Lesblogs, contact me, I …