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Reboot 9: Guy Dickinson

Guy Dickinson is a consultant and producer – and the person who will facilitate the famous Micro Presentations at this years reboot.

Guy and I talk about:

  • the frustration of users with poor quality tools
  • how companies fetishises youth –

Reboot 9: Ben Blench

Ben Blench is an english man in Amsterdam, a linguist by trade but now a copywriter working at Media Catalyst.

His talk is “Newspeak – New technologies, new languages” and a grand unified theory of everything – or …

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Reboot 9: Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth went from being teacher to a full time web consultant – “the exciting stuff that people are doing online” and will present at reboot a topic dear to my heart: being multilingual in an english oriented webworld.

Her …

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Reboot 9: Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon is a lecturer and researcher, having made the change from agency land to being an academic, but wants to know if there is there a theory of everything for web design. He promised that you do not have …

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Reboot 9: Lilia Efimova

I am starting off the preconf podcasts with an interview with Lilia Efimova. Her talk at reboot is going to be “Work, us and our kids“.

  • she is a researcher, born russian and now living in the netherlands.
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Podcast Hotel (San Fran, April 20-21)

Although I am coming over to the west coast for the Web2open, I had a warm feeling for the fact that there was also a nice podcasting event during the time I was there, Podcast Hotel.

Of course …

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Are you coming to Cebit?

Cebit, still one of the biggest computer fairs in the world starts on Thursday. And it is a nightmare for many people especially because nobody really wants to go to Hanover. ;)

Therefor I am not sure if I …

Going to Lift in Switzerland – and some interviews


Last year I was not able to go here due to work restrictions, but one of the fun parts of being self employed is of course not so many constraints like “end of year business” (jan/feb are the hardest time …

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Barcamp 2 London / Girl Geek Dinner

Mark the dates:

BarCampLondon2 Feb 17-18
BarCampLondon2 Feb 17-18

and a Girl Geek Dinner for Feb 21 which might get bigger and more international because of the “Future of Web Apps” conference which starts on 22nd! :o)

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Day 2 of 23c3 – the ccc congress in Berlin

I arrived late at the first day so day two was my first day at the congress. When asked why I am here my basic answer is: To meet people (again) which I know from IRC and Usenet like 10 …

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