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23c3 – CCC Congress, Berlin

Over the next days you will find me in Berlin at the last congress of the Year of the infamous Chaos Computer Club. Besides a very interesting program. I am looking forward meeting some old friends – like really …

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Pictures are up

Thanks to Jacob Share for reminding me that there where pictures on my disk waiting to be sent out!
You can find them as usual under my flickr account or more specifically under my Paris 2006 set.

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Would you like a profile with that?

Jonas Luster has posted the entry I was waiting for as we did discuss this topic on Tuesday already. It is one of the reasons which did increase my uneasiness with Tuesday’s Leweb:

Secret Service dossier investigations on “aging carpenter”

So what did I like about Le Web 3?

The question is valid of course, as besides my post about the really crappy part of the event there should be something good coming out of this event, shouldn’t it?

Well, I usually find something worthy even in things ugly. …

Orange? Make that a lime.

Dear Orange, if you try to set up a wifi on a high profile conference like Leweb I would suggest you talk to your technical department first if you are able to do such a thing.

Obviously you are …

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Podcastcon UK Photos

yeah yeah a bit late, but I added now my photos from podcastcon. :o)

The following are a bit special.

A great t-shirt:

Geeks playing parking a train …
CC + Ewan plays traindrive

(they did another mashup of Accident Hash and the

When you want to do a barcamp – what do you start with?

If you plan a barcamp .. how do you start?

Of course: The simple wiki page, a google group and then you go for the most important things first: How to design the logo for the tshirt and stickers. ;o) …

Interesting: Google groups adds wiki functionality?

While going through the process of adding some information for the new google group for the Barcamp Frankfurt I noticed that you could if you like use the google group not only to have discussions but also host pages and …

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Are you speaking at LeWeb or know one of the speakers?

I am a little bit behind with my preparation of the preconference podcast for LeWeb (and I was hoping against better judgement ;o) that Loic might help me out).

I will start researching and sending out the email invitations for …

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Decisions are made by those who show up.

I love West Wing (the Aaron Sorkin episodes) for their dialogues. During a recent reviewing of the first two seasons one quote really hit home with me:

Decisions are made by those who show up:

It fits very good on …