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German Barcamp / Podcamp

After missing the first Barcamp in Germany in Berlin (I was at the Portable Media Expo that time), there are two more to come in a short time and plans about a Podcamp in Januar as well – on my …

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Why am I at the Office 2.0 conference?

Some people have asked me why I would be going to the Office 2.0 conference, and one even went so far to say “you have nothing to do with the stuff?!” – which is quite wrong.

I am always …

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Updates on travel / where to find me.

I will be transfering from the SFO area to San Francisco on Monday and stay until Saturday later afternoon, and spend sunday back at the SFO area. During SanFran I will be staying at the Mosser Hotel on 4th street.…

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Barcamp London

Let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed the weekend and would like to thank the organizers for making this happen. :)

Looking over the reports of the last days of Barcamp, I notice some things popping up more …

Geekdinner and Barcamp London

Update: I have created this page for us to add our possible presentations and wishes.

Well, at least that is working as planned, the geek dinner is happening – now wish me luck I can take my Laptop on …

Blogher 06: The women are there and they like Gadgets

As some of you know I have been in San Francisco for a week now (see pictures) just doing the touristy stuff this time and now am Blogher in San Jose (Link / my pictures), the women …

Follow Bloggercon online

Even if you are not there, you can follow the webcast, IRC and alike. Let me be lazy and just copy and paste Robert:

I’m lying in bed listening to BloggerCon. I gotta get up. It’s awesome. You can

European Tech conferences / meetups

Imagine a conference or a meetup for your geek / tech / social media interests and it is only 0-2 timezones away. You (mostly) can pay in Euro when you arrive and you will meet mostly fellow Europeans. Does that …

Getting laid through Podcasting?

In our latest edition of the Media Slaves podcast we do talk about the one and only question: Will podcasting or videocasting get you laid?

Well, something like that. We wanted to talk about the upcoming Vloggercon, but organizer …

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Temp accommodation in New York

Rachel is looking for some temporary accommodation in New York. I would like to add the question what the prices are for such in that area?

If someone knows, let me know. I am considering visiting NY when I’ll be …

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