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Etech: Felix Miller,

I know many people like And the people in this conference probably are mostly already users. The presentation at the moment does not please the newbies or the already fans.

This is just a product presentation and not a …

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Etech – Dick Hardt

He does the same kind of presentation we all know from the now famous presentation with some neat additions but less passion. Lesson for not just him: Don’t make examples of slides which can not be read on the end …

Etech: Found the powerplugs.

They are on the right side of the hall, nothing I could see on the left side.

But, please only read this when the conference is through so you don’t steal me the power plug space. ;))

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Etech – Jeff Han: Multi sensor input

Jeff Han is just showing off this nice little multi touch sensor device – I can see myself playing around with that for a lot of time.

As he just said: The interface just simply disappears (and perhaps it helps …

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Etech: Ray Ozzie – Bridging the worlds

Ray Ozzie is showing something to make it easy to transfer data between websites and your computer. Like go to an event page, copy it and paste it to your calendar – and it has the power to actually fill …

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Etech: Flacky wifi

So let’s just make some stupid assumptions: There is a conference called Etech. It is for Emerging Technologies. For the so called “Alpha Geeks” xcuse me: “Alpha Users”. Which probably will happen to be laptop owners. And bloggers. And flickries. …

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Meet me at …

In case somebody is wondering if I am still alive – yes, but in travel stress and everything. So I just grab stuff from what Ewan nicely has posted.

You can meet me at
San Francisco / Palo Alto (Feb …

Barcamps starting with L: London and LA

And as you can already guess, hotel suggestions in that area of Downtown LA are taken kindly as …

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Conferences or “would you like to stay in touch with me?”

Staying in contact after conferences or even depending the contacts – how do you handle the newly found more or less interesting persons you just met and / or got some business cards from?

I don’t know the English equivalent …

DLD06 – Innovate! Without any women?

You know that I am usually not the bitching woman who asks “and where are the women on the panel” just to see some women there.

But have a look at the speakers of this new panel “Innovate!”:

  • Ernst Raue,