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Are you a groupie or can you get a backstage pass?

Are you a rock star a groupie or a back stage badge holder in this game of social media?

Andraz Tori was one of the cool Slovenian entrepreneurs I met at Webstart in Zagreb the other week. (His company Zemanta

A mentoring program for fresh, aspiring speakers anyone?

Yes, it is this time of the year again. More female speakers, etc, but bear with me, there is a new twist to it. And some questions at the bottom plus a suggestion where you actually should start using your …

The female 9-5 mentality or of cheerleaders and football players

I recently had this kind of conversation with several men from different directions and thought I would like to get an input from you as well.

It is about women in the workplace not wanting to invest time “after work …

One opinion per person should be enough, shouldn’t it?

I was still in the middle of putting together some texts from the more positive side for Leweb (especially the ones having more suggestions to improving a conference like this as it is worth noting) when i saw that Loic

Yahoo and Reuters want your images and videos – for free.

NYT reports in “Have Camera Phone? Yahoo and Reuters Want You to Work for Their News Service” how Yahoo and Reuters want your material for their news sites. Although the wording is a bit off: If you work …

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Decisions are made by those who show up.

I love West Wing (the Aaron Sorkin episodes) for their dialogues. During a recent reviewing of the first two seasons one quote really hit home with me:

Decisions are made by those who show up:

It fits very good on …

Do you 23?

Well, after being so annoyed with Flickr during my USA trip – I still have not uploaded or edited all my photos and it is more than annoying that the Windows support for adding information or having offline tools is …

cruel to be king

I should consider registering that domain also because I constantly type into other people’s blog comments. :)…

DLD06 – Innovate! Without any women?

You know that I am usually not the bitching woman who asks “and where are the women on the panel” just to see some women there.

But have a look at the speakers of this new panel “Innovate!”:

  • Ernst Raue,

I will help you, but it will cost you.

Jeremy Wright on support:

“Teach a man to fix and he’ll keep coming back for the rest of your life asking for advice. Kick him in the gonads and he’ll never bother you again.”

I’ve yet to stumble upon

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