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It takes two to tango: Why IT will strike back.

The phrase of ‘power to the people’ and ‘you don’t need to deal with IT’ always sends chills down my spine about the implied ignorance and misconception of how enterprise function. And the stupidity of these startups / companies in …

Looking for current advise on how to stay mobile in the US

Asking for advise for which prepaid card or other option to get; while the questions seems specific to me, other international visitors will appreciate your answers as well, especially since the T-Mobile prepaid does block premium SMS = twitter.

I …

Pro IP, what a stupid idea

Jeremy Toeman in A note to Nancy Pelosi regarding the PRO IP act

Historically, Congress never used to side with major media companies. Throughout the 20th century, our leaders addressed new issues based on the wants and needs of the

I heart Stumble Upon.

Being an experienced surfer, it is no problem (or seldomly one) to find what I want. But what about finding something which I did not search for? Yes there are sites like Digg, but honestly, I never got into Digg, …

My comment on Oliver’s Post about Blognation.

Oliver Starr writes down, eloquently as usual, his side of the blognation story. As several people have tried to contact me since, I did post a comment on his blog, but obviously it ran into moderation. Well, this is …

Any experiences with Microsoft Office Language Pack?

While I am very happy with my German Office (2003 that is, not 2007), and would not want to change anything due to me being very comfortable with the interface, it would be great to have an additional Excel available …

Search terms which make you sad

Usually I enjoy running through my logfiles and stat tools to check which way people found ctbk. (Yes, I know it takes a special kind of geek to find that interesting, but that is a story for another day).

Today …

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11 female leaders and how they describe the journey

Newsweek is running an article about “My Journey to the Top“:

These 11 women came from many different backgrounds, but they all had big dreams. The path to power meant facing obstacles and their biggest fears.

There is …

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International Barcamp & Podcamp Berlin – list now open

Update here because I did forget my password for (doh) the update here: is the website for the B+P in Berlin directly before the web2open; currently it is only in German available but soon will be also in …

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9 *camps in 8 weeks.

Sometimes I think Germany is so far behind but once they start catching up, they go full force … While going through my event planner I noticed that the next months until mid November are going to be crazy event …