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Dating a geek is fun – for a women who is not one …

Of the persons I met last year, one couple does stand out. I am very very happy to got to know the Scobles. I have been a reader of Robert before, but since his wife Maryam started blogging, I love …

Why only The Book of Cool?

Via Cem I read about The Book of Cool:

In the beginning there were fun things that only others could do. We decided to seek enlightenment. From around the world we found some of the best there will ever

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It is not the toys, it’s the playing

I was just playing with my Frappr map for Useful Sounds. And while I do love every new marker, there is something special about finding your first pin in Australia, or United Arab Emirates. And today, I have a …

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A Christmas tale …

Sweet and innocent (I did not listen to Bon Jovi before, but I do own Phil Collings LPs). Via Rachel a nice flash movie: It’s a wonderful Internet.

And don’t forget: “when you hear a bell a baby website …

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be yourself, no matter what they say.

Robert about Ben Metcalfes theory of persona representation:

As to persona representation, sorry, I don’t go with you on this one. When I worked at Fawcette I saw someone get fired for getting drunk at a party and hitting, inappropriately,

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Quick links

After getting back from Paris one day late because of missing my flight, I am in a rush because I have to get off to London tomorow. Commets on Lesblogs to follow. *sigh*

So here are some links which sparked …

Torrents of public domain movies

Ever wanted to see Flash Gordon, or Metropolis or Plan 9 From Outer Space? Or better some comedy or Horror?

Well, here is your chance: Visit this site and get them. Particular interesting: It seems as if they have converted …

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LesBlogs: Enter your favorite quote on the wiki

So, Loic wants to hand out a nice N90 for a nice wiki contribution, here is my take on it:
Enter your favorite quote of the day. ;)

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The reason why I bought a laptop

Is because I never wanted to feel like at reboot again – left out. So I again sit next to Rachel (who had one last time), who now has a little bit of hazzle herself:

If I’m going to

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Some links I found on the mouseway

While I really do like delicious, it has two problems: No private links which I would need on “to read / to blog” second: there is no option for exporting a special subset easily into a blogpost. Which is why …