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101 english tweeting Women to follow from Europe

In spirit of the recent women2follow OR womentofollow (and also because today is followfriday) I give you “101 english tweeting Women to follow from Europe”. :)

Would you like to be listed as well? Only requirement is that you …

Linkedin taking the traditional approach in Germany and why that will fail (as usual)

Logos Xing / LinkedinUpdate 2009-02-07: Video production manager Rob Getzschman mailed me yesterday about their updated version of the video, correctly titled “Cheesy LinkedIn German video updated” ;) I have included the new version below. The only change is a a new voice …

Twitter stops sending SMS effective immediately, users have to go on cold turkey

That is the the kind of unpleasant mail you do not want to see in the morning, although it was to be expected. Twitter will cease sending out SMS – that is if you are not living in "Canada, India, …

Friendfeed, not so clever

Some people think friendfeed is great. And they think of themselves this way:

At FriendFeed, our goal is to make content on the Web more relevant and discoverable using a combination of social mechanisms and innovative technology. This is

Twitter to monetize by credit based system?

Is Twitter going to set up a credit based system for sending / receiving messages? A screen I saw the other day suggests so. It was from my mobile, so I did not react in time to make a copy, …

2 Euros for a conference or Why you should be careful about language settings

When you want to do business with ‘international’ or have an application used by others than just in your language realm, it is not about translating everything for example to German but about the small details which one frequently does

Upcoming conferences in Germany with international audience

If you heard me rant in the past, I am happy to announce that those German’s are slowly getting there. ;)

Three very different events, but all of them “want” international speakers and attendees.

If you plan to attend the …

Why I want you to come to Europe and especially to Germany

It now has been nearly 5 years that I discovered this blogging thing (after wondering where the hell everybody had gone from Usenet), and it was my start into the English sphere after a “decade of denial”. Though I started …

Music Industry! I want to spend money again! But you still screw up …

Why Youtube helps selling CDs and DVDs and how the industry still screws that up although they could earn so much money if they only would think about it … New media does not only work for the long tail

Calling all Europeans: web2open is waiting for you to participate!

web2open europe in berlin

Short version: web2open website up, communication from twitter to facebook are up, mark the dates in your calendar for week full of events in November and think about submitting a talk / session. Oh yes, and come