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Reboot 9: Guy Dickinson

Guy Dickinson is a consultant and producer – and the person who will facilitate the famous Micro Presentations at this years reboot.

Guy and I talk about:

  • the frustration of users with poor quality tools
  • how companies fetishises youth –

Reboot 9: Ben Blench

Ben Blench is an english man in Amsterdam, a linguist by trade but now a copywriter working at Media Catalyst.

His talk is “Newspeak – New technologies, new languages” and a grand unified theory of everything – or …

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Reboot 9: Chris Locke

We could be heroes. Or profoundly bored. Everybody smokes pot now but still there is no world peace. Only one thing is certain: birth and death. Bummer.

Chris Locke and I talk about various aspects:

  • of course Cluetrain and his

Reboot 9: Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth went from being teacher to a full time web consultant – “the exciting stuff that people are doing online” and will present at reboot a topic dear to my heart: being multilingual in an english oriented webworld.

Her …

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Reboot 9: Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon is a lecturer and researcher, having made the change from agency land to being an academic, but wants to know if there is there a theory of everything for web design. He promised that you do not have …

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Reboot 9: Lilia Efimova

I am starting off the preconf podcasts with an interview with Lilia Efimova. Her talk at reboot is going to be “Work, us and our kids“.

  • she is a researcher, born russian and now living in the netherlands.
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Slides: A European View on Web 2.0

Gregor’s article in Techcrunch “Web 2.0 in Germany: Copy/Paste Innovation or more?” pushed me to finally publish the slides from my presentation at the Web2open during the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco.

[If your feedreader does not …

Thanks upcoming for another example of how to not work the smart way.

So, the new upcoming is there. I have not played around a lot with it much, but already miss the lists as i use it for the overview I actually need.

But then other than that I am very

A European View on Web 2.0 the presentation files

I really enjoyed my presentation yesterday: I had a very interested audience with a lot of good questions.

Only major fault of mine – I though I would actually have an US audience to talk to. All but three people …

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San Francisco, April 16th til 22nd + request for comments.

The short version of this post: This is a question for those living in Europe (bottom) and a ping for those in the valley. I am in town from Sunday night till the week after. Anybody coming the the Expo