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Some Politicians in Europe Embrace Web 2.0

is how I would have named the article in Business Week. ;o)

Kerry Campell asked me some questions about how German politicians ‘work’ with Web 2.0 for her article “Europe’s Politicians Embrace Web 2.0. The quote for Germany …

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“Does it bother or concern you that English appears to be the native tongue for the Internet.”

Rick Segal asked this question on his recent trip to good old Europe and reflects on the reactions.

It does bother me much more that I have to decide whether or not I write in English or my german tongue. …

btw: Web 3.0 in Europe does not happen in London

If you are one of those people thinking that starting in Europe is done by going to London or taking a look at what is happening there, you should think again. It was always untrue as London is UK and …

One Day in the Life of an Office 2.0 Worker

The current session is supposed to show me “One Day in the Life of an Office 2.0 Worker“.

From what I can see on the screen this means basically a) waiting for your net connection to come up …

If you want to use a tool like Technorati as measurement, it actually has to work!

A bit perplex I do read about “Edelman and Technorati Detail the Most Influential Blogs in German, French and Italian” and so far a lot of the comments do reflect what I feel about it: You got to …

Barcamp London

Let me preface this by saying that I enjoyed the weekend and would like to thank the organizers for making this happen. :)

Looking over the reports of the last days of Barcamp, I notice some things popping up more …

My topic at Barcamp London

As usual I am undecided what to present, as I do not live and die for just one project. ;) Given the mails and comments I receive most others are undecided as well. I therefore have made an extra page …

Misplaced words and common sense

With a bad memory like mine it would probably make sense to make a directory of frequently answered things. Or use the search engine on my blog more often – as a matter of fact I like to talk about …

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Disappointed by Techcrunch UK – why not Techcrunch Europe?!

I have to say I am disappointed to see yet another single country approach with Techcrunch UK, especially as it is in English. This will only weaken / deepen the difference in Europe and not make the reportings from …

700 people? Not a problem or Les Blogs 3.0 seems to have a go

Loic wrote:

In september I’ll start working on Les Blogs 3 in Paris which should happen in November or early December 2006, stay tuned if you’re interested, let’s see if we get 700 people too (we had 450 from 25

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