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And then you would like to subscribe to this person …

Tara’s recent article “I subscribe to you” really resonates which me (no quote, go read it and come back) though I come from a different side onto this topic – the “subscribing” perspective. I don’t mind having several …

European Tech conferences / meetups

Imagine a conference or a meetup for your geek / tech / social media interests and it is only 0-2 timezones away. You (mostly) can pay in Euro when you arrive and you will meet mostly fellow Europeans. Does that …

How to make / get normal people to see your technology

I have added two updates at the bottom – generally I don’t like to edit old articles, but in this case I do feel a need for clarification in the sense that this article is not just about translation and

After a conference is before a conference …

In case you wondered where the hell I have been over the last weeks: I have been helping organize an international Podcastday in Germany as well as moderating a panel. Of course it involved pre conference podcasts but this time …

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Stay three days in Berlin during world cup for free

In case you wanted to be in Germany for the World Cup but could not deal with the hotel prices, why not take part in a project and stay for free in a cool penthouse in Berlin? :)

An apartment

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US centric Podcasting Legal Guide online

Via Matt May on the podcaster mailing list:

The Podcasting Legal Guide is now live.
I had a chance to see a draft of this, and it’s a must-read, especially for people using others’ music and media works. Video podcasters

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The fragmentation per language, new trends.

Did you notice how blogs are getting more and more away from the lingua franca (=English)? The recent top entries of a search engine like Technorati from different languages show trends we should be thrilled and worried about at the …

The conference of the year: reboot 8

Update: My pre conference podcast for Reboot 8 has started.

While the weather is messing with us here in Germany (bouncing between heavy rain and sunshine, cold with wind or too warm – guess where my new cold comes from!) …

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Gmap for Germany?

Vowe has a valid point:

Continental Europe is terra incognita for Google Maps. Now there is a small map covering the area of Italy which hosts the Olympic Winter Games. Does that mean Google may find the map of Germany

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We’re Earthling? No I am not.

I am not Earthlink. I am Pope, at least that is what the biggest German tabloid called us after the election of the new pope: We are pope. And I am Germany – if you had noticed the recent Technorati …