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You do read German, right?

You may have wondered why “Du bist Deutschland” has been Number one search on Technorati for some time now, and even made it to an explaining article on Technorati itself.

Before coming to the point of my article, let …

Conferences or “would you like to stay in touch with me?”

Staying in contact after conferences or even depending the contacts – how do you handle the newly found more or less interesting persons you just met and / or got some business cards from?

I don’t know the English equivalent …

dld06: Europe’s Catchup?

Interesting to see that the only “older” person in this conference – like in very classical manager – who is getting it is Dr. Hurbert Burda. I am quite unimpressed with the rest of the panels but then again, I …

Digital Lifestyle Day 06 – the preconf podcast

As I have no clue why the original website of the DLD does not show up on the technorati tag, let me link the new podcasts from here as well. :))

Hubert Burda Media is one of the big …

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Travelling updates.

Preparing more interviews for the upcoming DLD in Munich, I wanted to give you a new update on my odysee to come to the US …

  • I think I have settled for bookings with British Airways now – those World
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From Gnomedex to blogher?

I really would like to attend Gnomedex which is on June 29th – July 1st and blogher which is July 28 and Saturday July 29. Assuming, that I am not the only woman who looks at both conferences and given …

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Why Google video will not get money from me.

Because even if I would like to give them, they will not let me be part of the party. Try to look at this page, where as it seems I could view the Robin Williams at CES video. Could, because …

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The Klum case – K is not for Kryptonite anymore

In case you wondered about those krauts getting crazy – visit the english overview of what is happening in the Klum case and how it unfolds in the german blogosphere and media as well as Patricks’s translations of the mails

Are you using Linkedin?

Well, then you are probably American. If you are European, you probably use it if you have many American contacts. If you are more into the European market, you use Openbc. And they are not as small as you …

Do you know what is happening in Italien politics?

I don’t or at least I had no glimpse of it, but now I have. The presentation on politics is interesting and encourages me again to blog a bit more about Germany – even though _I_ might not be so …

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