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VC may start to buy knives, soon

My favorite VC Rick Segal has an interesting posting up “How to start a company with no money down“. The key thing in his post? Internet connecting. Also a computer, but I think, the key part is Internet. …

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Only calling it cheap, because you have a different language background …

(I would have left a comment, but as that blogs wants registering …) In “Ten Signs of a Cheap Blog” author Nick Wilson states as number one sign

It’s one of the first things I notice with

Portuguese flickr-like foto sharing site goes online

My favorite portuguese guys both work at sapo and after over two months of hard work they just launched Pedro has some screenshots and a post about how they managed to do this in 65 days, Andé

“not allowed to produce obscene material which are defined as such by US law”

I yesterday installed the Onenote version I purchased on ebay and think that might have been a mistake, for two reasons.

I want to use it on my tablet but due to some errors with another ebay auction for an …

Loic goes podcasting amd is podcasting not a social software tool?

Yes, he has tried a bit in french, but then again is that really podcasting? ;)))

Conversation with Robert Scoble 1/2
Conversation with Robert Scoble 2/2

A feed is available too and perhaps we now can learn from him what …

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Podcast with Neville Hobson

Let’s kick off the the Podcastcon UK pre-conference podcast! :) [Subscribe to the feed]

Who would like to be next? The wiki lists a lot of interesting people!:) Mail me via the contact form or use neezee on …

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Would you like a new speaker?

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See, I do read my comments first to my blogroll ;) Thanks to Lloyd for the link:
After the discussions about “where are the women speakers?”, Mary Hodder has taken action of launching a Speaker’s

reboot podcast #10: meet the plazes guys

In this episode I talk to Stefan and Felix, the founders of plazes, the location based service.

Download podcast (8.3 MB / 14:18 min)

What is plazes? From the about page:

Plazes is a grassroot approach to location-aware

reboot podcast #09: Max Niederhofer and the European Internet Project

So yes, it has been a long time, but I hope to make up for it. ;)

Good news for today:

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Pledge started for European focused digital rights organisation

I have just started a European version of the pledge I commented on in “Funding a European EFF?“.

The text of the DigitalRightsEU pledge:

“I will donate 5 Euros per month to support an organisation that will campaign