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Good Webconference software commercial

I am currently looking into a reliable and useful solution for a webconference / remote desktop software and while going through some search engine results, I came across this ironic but working commercial.

The Webinar Blog writes:

I just saw

If you like Marketing, go take a look at Rockstar Supernova

Social Media Tools are a strong tool set especially for musicians, but not all of them get this yet. Some others do – MSN Rockstar Supernova is a step towards this while for example Dave Navarro really embraces it.

Don’t …

Save the Internet with soul

Watch “We are the internet“.

Now playing here for the 7th time in the background. How do I get an mp3 out of flash files again?

And the matter is serious as well. Don’t miss the other videos …

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Go watch Studi 60

Readers will know that I am a huge fan of West Wing – deeply a fan for the first seasons and an okay fan for the last ones. You know, for the Aaron Sorkin ones. Those are the ones I …

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As with many tools of the Web 2.0 area – some you like, some you don’t. Feedburner I do like. So I had to smile when I checked on stats today and was presented with this message:

We’re not embarrassed

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Call for your podcast cover!

If you are not a podcaster you can go to your next feed in your blog.

If you are one (or know one), here is a free promotion possibility for you: Promote your podcast at Podcastday 2006!

In short: Send …

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What benefit do music label bring me?

Heiko asks: What would you ask Universal Music?:

On Monday I will speak to the management team at Universal Music Group’s German HQ in Berlin. I will talk about weblogs, podcasts, videoblogs… and how digital tools and technology change

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There is music in the air

Just been listening to podcast all day and listened to some great music. The music industry probably does not like it but I have payed more money to artist this year than I have in the last 5 before together. …

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Please comment: Do you think blogging podcasters are more successful than just podcasters?

This question is of course a bit unfair, as most people reading this will be blogger or blog readers themselves. :))

But as I am finishing my article for the new printed podcast magazine called ID3mag (first edition to be …

We’re Earthling? No I am not.

I am not Earthlink. I am Pope, at least that is what the biggest German tabloid called us after the election of the new pope: We are pope. And I am Germany – if you had noticed the recent Technorati …