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Podcastcon UK Photos

yeah yeah a bit late, but I added now my photos from podcastcon. :o)

The following are a bit special.

A great t-shirt:

Geeks playing parking a train …
CC + Ewan plays traindrive

(they did another mashup of Accident Hash and the

Meet the podshow britcasters!

The britcasters are going podshow – well nearly as Neil put it in

In the past few days since the word going out about Adam Curry wanting to meet UK podcasters and my well timed Skype interview with

Safe and sound.

After being “Stranded in Stansted” without money on thursday, some sight seeing on friday, Podcastcon UK on saturday, some mind boggeling talks on sunday, I am back safe and sound.

But as especially sunday has started some thoughts and reactions, …

Conference blogging

I just wanted to have one blog post directly from the conference.
Everything fine here, wifi is a bit slow but everything else seems interesting.

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ctbk podcast #07: pod lawyer Paul Nicholls

In this episode for the podcast conference in London I bring you Podcast-Paul. A lawyer, but still a nice guy. :)

Download podcast (19 MB / 32:40 min)

Intro taken of “come see about me” by the british band

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ctbk #06: Natural gardening podcast with Heather Gorringe

(more expanded links later)
Heather Gorringe of from Wiggly Wigglers is a to-be podcaster about the topic of natural gardening – and a bath listener too! And I think it is great that she comes to London. :)

Download podcast

ctbk #05: Ben Metcalfe

Literally seconds before I was going to upload the file, my DSL connection broke – I was a bit in panic because I thought “oh what if it is your side and not fixed tomorow? you have more files to …

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ctbk #04 – Ewan Spence

In this fourth podcast of the podcast con uk coverage, I interview Ewan Spence.

General stuff:

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ctbk #03: Alistar Shrimpton of Sixapart

My guest today is Alistair Shrimpton, Business Dev. Manager UK for Sixapart.

Download podcast (10.8 MB / 18:33 min)

We talk about why a “blogging company” comes to the podcast con, about the new podcasting feature of Typepad and …

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ctbk #2: Lloyd Davis

Today I talk to Lloyd Davis from Perfect Path, who is maybe the one britcaster I am most familiar with, be it from his Perfect Path blog and podcast or his participation on all of the geek dinner stuff

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