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Reboot 9: Stephanie Booth

Stephanie Booth went from being teacher to a full time web consultant – “the exciting stuff that people are doing online” and will present at reboot a topic dear to my heart: being multilingual in an english oriented webworld.

Her …

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Reboot 9: Dan Dixon

Dan Dixon is a lecturer and researcher, having made the change from agency land to being an academic, but wants to know if there is there a theory of everything for web design. He promised that you do not have …

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Reboot 9: Lilia Efimova

I am starting off the preconf podcasts with an interview with Lilia Efimova. Her talk at reboot is going to be “Work, us and our kids“.

  • she is a researcher, born russian and now living in the netherlands.
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Kickoff of the reboot 9 interview series!

It is this time again! :)

Meaning it is also this time again – interviews! :)
Find here a quick audio introduction to this years interview series for reboot. You can expect around 16 interviews which I started to conduct …

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As a reminder for reboot

If the world is whatever we make of it, we should make it extraordinary. start something now.

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After a conference is before a conference …

In case you wondered where the hell I have been over the last weeks: I have been helping organize an international Podcastday in Germany as well as moderating a panel. Of course it involved pre conference podcasts but this time …

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The conference of the year: reboot 8

Update: My pre conference podcast for Reboot 8 has started.

While the weather is messing with us here in Germany (bouncing between heavy rain and sunshine, cold with wind or too warm – guess where my new cold comes from!) …

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dld06: Europe’s Catchup?

Interesting to see that the only “older” person in this conference – like in very classical manager – who is getting it is Dr. Hurbert Burda. I am quite unimpressed with the rest of the panels but then again, I …

Would you like a new speaker?

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See, I do read my comments first to my blogroll ;) Thanks to Lloyd for the link:
After the discussions about “where are the women speakers?”, Mary Hodder has taken action of launching a Speaker’s

reboot podcast #10: meet the plazes guys

In this episode I talk to Stefan and Felix, the founders of plazes, the location based service.

Download podcast (8.3 MB / 14:18 min)

What is plazes? From the about page:

Plazes is a grassroot approach to location-aware