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reboot podcast #07 – Martin Röll

Todays guest is Martin Röll (reboot profile) and his talk will be about “How will we
work in the future: From Distributed KM to the Future of Knowledge Work

While this sounds very dry in theory, …

That’s the spirit! :)

Rick Segal on why he is going to reboot:

I’m coming to Reboot as it’s the best place on the planet to show off my new Gapingvoid T-Shirt.

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reboot podcast #06: Hugh MacLeod

Only some more days! :)
The first draft of the program is up

For this podcast I had the pleasure of talking to Hugh MacLeod (as he said, his first “podcast thing”).

Topics covered: Who is Hugh MacLeod, …

Little helper for Feedburner

It seems as if you had an error once feedburner tried to burn your feed, there is no way to get the enclosure into that feed entry again. So for the podcatching clients a little starter help and again the …

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reboot podcast #05: Andre Ribeirinho

Finally I got someone convinced other than a speaker to talk to me! ;)

Meet André from Portugal, listen to which topics he is interested in at reboot, or take a look at his profile page on the reboot wiki

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reboot podcast #04: Update with Thomas Mygdal

Today we get some updates on the venue, the programm and some practical issues.

Oh and I like his idea: Anyone willing to help me out with a decent laptop so this curious …

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reboot podcast #3: Robert Scoble

Welcome to No. 3 of the pre-conference podcast named preboot. :)

Download the podcast with Robert (37 MB / 39:42 min)


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new podcasts, soon updated :)

Just wanted to give a quick update on what is to come:

  • just finished to record Robert S.coble, will go up this evening
  • have to edit Hugh MacLoad, but will up this week too
  • screwed up the recording with André
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Voicemailbox is up :o)

The solution for all of you wondering how to record a short snippet for the pre conference podcast: If you have skype, you can now leave me a voicemail!

Just give my answering machine a click under nicole.simon


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reboot podcast #2: Ben Hammersley

In this podcast, I had the pleasure of talking to Ben Hammersley Ben is one of the speakers and while at first the topic seemed ‘okay’, I am now very interested in his presentation on why blogging is more than …

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