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Closed minds in the US – again.

So taxes might come to incomes of virtual worlds: “IRS taxation of online game virtual assets inevitable“.

I do understand that the core audience reading this article is from the States. But please, pretty please, can ‘journalist’ …

Is your virtual life different from your real life?

[This is the english version of my german entry “Das virtuelle Leben als Spielart des ersten – oder als komplette Alternative?]

I saw on Techcrunch an article about a new social software site called Rupture will have a …

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SL: Do you want exposure for your news or just piss of everybody?

Sometimes you have to wonder if marketing and PR of a company are so out of touch with the rest of the world … okay they usually are but then again, you always hope someday they would get more clever. …

Second Life Escorts – the real industry behind Second Life

It is quite interesting to read articles from english (= US based) newspapers and magazines and how German magazines describe Second Life. The interesting difference is: Sex. Or the absence when talking about it.

Most american articles rarely mention that …

German Media House wants to start tabloid in SL

Eric rants about an article in the Guardian where they claim Axel Springer will start the first tabloid in SL. Which of course is not true as Eric states.

It does make more sense in German – as this is

Second Life: go change your password

As not all of you may be login into the website or read the blog:

Urgent Security AnnouncementOn September 6 we discovered evidence that an intruder was able to access the Second Life database through the web servers.

Misplaced words and common sense

With a bad memory like mine it would probably make sense to make a directory of frequently answered things. Or use the search engine on my blog more often – as a matter of fact I like to talk about …

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Nice SL land for sale

As I am moving to a different place, let me offer this nice little place in Antilia for you:

728 prims, 2896 sq, 1000L$ a week tier directly to protected land AND in the very nice settings of an Azure …

Second Life was a nice game. Before there where the script kiddies with weapons.

One of the most annoying things (and it will keep people from spending money in SL which is why Linden should be interested in solving this problem) is weapons.

As I was attacked over the last days several times a …

SL: What would make you rent a flat in Second Life?

If you play Second Life, one of the things you notice is how ugly land can be. And how expensive buying land is. One trick is to buy land from somebody else and pay them – this way, you don’t …