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Invalid Birth Date, now: neat form checker

I wanted to sign up for that digg clone of Netscape but it does not let me in. Reason? See subject.

Now, head over to the signup page and please tell me: Where do I find a birthdate which I …

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Scraping content

Did you post about a city lately? Like for expample Copenhagen?
Well, chances are your content got scraped and aggregated on a site like

Answers by “Peter Parker”:

Yeah sure I’ll remove this reboot8 planet altogether …
The idea

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Go buy more German cars or why the Net is more than just bits and bites

Robert has bought Maryam a new car, a BMW. The ‘reason’ behind that is far more serious than just a geek buying his wife a care for keeping up with his bloggings and I encourage you to go read …

Let there be constant noise around me

It is Wednesdaz evening and I am sitting here with some folks from the Etech crowd in the hotebar.
Some conversation in the background, not really hearable for me, and a lot of noise from other guest, but as often …

Geeky suitcases / travel shopping

As I am trying to get everything together for my upcoming trip I visited the nearest ‘big’ town (Hamburg) in order to have a better variety of shops to buy my stuff. Like a suitcase, a bag which I can …

Spellbound annoyances

In order to not annoy you so much, I until now did spell check through Google. Which always meant copy, go to Gmail, open new mail, paste, check, copy, go back here, paste … this is annoying and therefor I …

Gmail annoyances

Why is discard not going in trash??
Okay. For the week I used a new mail in Gmail as collector place for my notes. Mind you, I was on a conference and had a lot jotted down.

Now, some minutes …

Travelling updates.

Preparing more interviews for the upcoming DLD in Munich, I wanted to give you a new update on my odysee to come to the US …

  • I think I have settled for bookings with British Airways now – those World
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Help me do no harm

I was surprised today to see an invitation from Goowy, some flashy something email rss whatever toy. While I was still wondering why poor Adriana send it to me, I find through some more posts, that the default setting …

It’s a party and I will cry if I want to.

Shit. I left my power cord for my thinkpad in Paris and somehow the mail from Heiko still has not gotten back to me.

I have my “main” desktop computer, but there is something about snuggeling on your couch and …

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