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Good “press release” by Versign on their purchase of

Michael Graves has posted a very good explanation on the Infrablog of Verisign not only that they bought in standard press release speek, but also lists what they want to do with the service. Basicly he says: Basic services …

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Portuguese flickr-like foto sharing site goes online

My favorite portuguese guys both work at sapo and after over two months of hard work they just launched Pedro has some screenshots and a post about how they managed to do this in 65 days, Andé

Interview with David Allen

Ben Hammersley not only has a new shiny look for his website, but today also the frontpage of The Guardian new Business Sense section with an interview with “Getting things done” guru David Allen.

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Whirpool may be podcasting, but needs a better contact form

I read on Charlene Li’s blog about Whirlpool podcasting and saw, that they use the wrong link for iPodder.

As I like and use the ipodder lemon version, I thought, I leave them a mail about that.

Turns out, …

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Putting your mail online.

Jeremy is going to try Gmail and the new Yahoo for the next day due to a ‘cleansing’ laptop death. On which I commented:

There have been Webclients ever since, but none of them really got me into it because

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Things we need in the new communication world …

are things, which are so many years old.

I (of course) check my own feeds in my bloglines account and noticed some very strange wrong things there – which will bring me to repost the last article. I messed up …

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Can I please have the new folder button back?

Marc Orchant over at downloadsquad has a nice tool for the Explorer “Folder Size solve a big Windows annoyance“.

Wonderful. Now, could you also please dig out something which brings back the ‘add new folder’ button to the …

My first steps with Onenote

Summary: Little things count. If you make a time limited test version, don’t piss me of by demanding a direct internet registration to unlock the beta! Things like this will just speed up the process of me joining the lines …

Tip: Use Technorati tags with spaces on multi words

I just noticed, that there is no need to include double versions with and without spaces for technorati – like for example and . It is sufficient (and better) to use the tag with multiple words with …

One sentence that made me buy the tablet at *that* shop

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As people in my on- and offline surrounding probably can tell, I have been in the mood for shopping a tablet since some months. Since reboot, I just tried harder …