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Dear DLD Lufthansa Technology Forum … if you ask for participation, you should publish it as well …

Heiko pinged me shortly after posting and we are trying to find out, where in the system the posting got lost. If everything fails, I will make a printout ;)

The problem: you can’t see that from the outside and …

The connected world we live in – of stereotypes and their limited range of exposure.

There has been quite some discussion around a German social bookmarking service called Mister Wong. The service is a nicely designed application and all that, but since some time some remarks are made about the icon of the company …

“What can you do for me” is not always a bad question.

Another “i made this comment” post, but as I remember I do usually never read comments I think this is useful. ;) I am behind reading a lot of blogs, but I was just skimming some of Tara’s articles and …

Where is the line you do not want to cross?

I still haven’t read up on all the comments and posts about Kathy Sierra (here are Techmme links one and two from different time stamps with a lot of links to follow). This story, of course, is not just a …

This year sucks. Somebody shoot me.

I know, the year is only some days old but if I would collect all the stuff which has happened over the last two weeks … *sigh*. It started with a broken gas thermea and ended last with me missing …

Nice Guys 2.0

I stumbled across an ode for the nice guys: “There IS someone who understands!“.

Ode to the Nice Guys

(This rant was written for the Wharton Undergraduate Journal and revised for this facebook group.)

This is a tribute

When people cannot grasp the future – Yes, Podcastings 15 minutes are up.

On Marketing Shift there is an article about Podcasting saying it’s 15 minutes are up.

The multitude of independent podcasters will scratch and claw for the occasional hour when people want to hear about a niche of their interest, but

Is user generated media ready to take over?

Vowe reports about plans of TV producers Phillips to disable you to skip / fast forward on your TV and I agree on his comment

vowe says: Fcuking the customer is not good for your business. File under “stupid ideas”.

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Blogher beta live, girls add your blogs

The new site has gone beta (and no, not the Google beta type, the real beta) and as one of the editors of the Blogging & Social Media node I would encourage you to add yourself to the list

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My job – forgot to tell you.

Short version: I told my boss before christmas that I will be leaving. I am available for hire full time oh let’s say from June 2006. :)

Longer version:
I just updated my openbc page a bit when it struck …