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Backtype: Scraping comments without your consent and trying to monetize it.

It is one of those ideas where you say ‘yeah right, why did no body else think about this”.

TC reports about Backtype, a Twitter for comments:

They’re a blog-comment focused startup – founders Christoper Golda and Michael Montano

Awesome: Windows Live Writer gets auto linking

Windows Live Writer gets automated linking, how to fake import and export of those and some links to useful plugins.

Have you ever restrained yourself not to mention a person or company in a blog post because you did not …

Benefits of installing the Friendfeed Facebook application

Most of the times I do not bother installing facebook apps of services I am using because they have the tendency to do ‘more’ stuff than the original intent. Also I try to be very careful about what I do …

Thunderbird just downloading two messages at the time?

Until now I used Thunderbird as my Gmail-Backupsytem on my laptop to have offline access to my mails. But recently it started that instead of downloading in one or two batches all new messages, it only would go for 2 …

Twitthis – a tool which does half the job.

The tool
Via Mail I received a link to TwitThis:

TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link,

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Play Digital Identity Bingo!

This is a very nice idea of grouping current services and applications around the topic of social software and digital identity.

And best of all: You can play bingo with it! Print it out, mark every service you are using …

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One Day in the Life of an Office 2.0 Worker

The current session is supposed to show me “One Day in the Life of an Office 2.0 Worker“.

From what I can see on the screen this means basically a) waiting for your net connection to come up …

Flickr Hickups

I am trying to upload and then edit the rest of my PME photos (you remember, the PC people have no easy possibility as iphoto which developers of flickr should know about but obviously do not care …)

and encounter …

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Was your Gmail broken as well?

Yuk. Yesterday and today my Gmail was a very slow. And if I say slowI mean slow!

Also I wondered about the few e-mails I was still getting … it just was not enough. Not that I really want to …

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Meet my new pet: a sweet little dragon!

This is my first test recording with my new toy Dragon NaturallySpeaking — after the Microsoft speech recognition software didn’t work out so well I had to try something new.

When I saw on eBay an auction for the software, …