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Quotes or the power of Search Engines

In GBW, there was the topic about a women tried to translate a quote from Virginia Woolf back to English:

it says “when live gives you a citron….make lemonade” – obviously bad “German-English” translation but anyway –

to which …

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34 km / day

The new plazes is online and they say, I do travel 34 km / day. With my upcoming flights to the US that should increase at least a bit! :)

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Why don’t you explain Atom to me?

Go follow the links on Robert’ post “Lead engineer at Amazon recommends Atom over RSS

David Sifry told me when I asked him at a conference if they have a preference on the formats RSS or Atom. He was …

New toy: Goggle Calendar

Why do they always publish new toys when I have no time to play with them? *sigh* Google Calendar started and so far, it really looks nice. I am especially curious on how the shared appointments will work – something …

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Gmap for Germany?

Vowe has a valid point:

Continental Europe is terra incognita for Google Maps. Now there is a small map covering the area of Italy which hosts the Olympic Winter Games. Does that mean Google may find the map of Germany

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PIM: real improvements please

This is 2006 and we still just talk about tools. And not about how we finally can use the power of computers and please the tools of some very clever people to make our life much easier, and not just …

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Don’t compare brrreeeport with SchnitzelmitKartoffelsalat

Update: Now this is very weird, my blogsoftware suddenly has changed this posting all on it’s own??
Does somebody still have it in their offline feedreader perhaps?

Scoble would like us to test where he would like us to …

Would you send me this as vcf please?

I got an email the other day from a big company who is about information, search and retrieve because i met one of their representatives at DLD. Nicely the assistent wrote down (half) of the contact data – and I …

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Why you should have a user on Frappr and how to use it.

Frappr is the de facto standard of “look where I am!”, especially when we have groups of people. Because we are all curious. :)

Perhaps you would like to know about “people who chat on the Barry Gibb Unplugged

What PDA to get and who to interview?

Do you have such a PDA I describe below or something which could fit the profile? Please share this information with the rest of the world. And yes, preferably on your own blog! :o) I love comments and private feedback, …

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