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I need to remember that

Chris Pirillo’s summary of CES got me smiling:

If you want to get attention, carry around a camera on some kind of tripod – everybody will stop you every five seconds. “Who are you? Where are you from? Can

Lil’ Artrage brother

retrievr is a fun toy for all tablet users, because you can take out your pen, draw a little and let flickr bring up some fotos which kind of match the sketch.

I do see a great use for this …

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Cool present

The following really reminds me why it is not that much of a downer to not be able to attend to the SL thing of Eric – because you party 9 hours after me! I might already be awake for …

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How to group contacts in the new Skype beta

One reason to install the new Skype beta? Finally, a “mood message” aka blast aka motd aka “now I don’t need to edit my profile name all the time”.

Another? Finally grouping contacts. I have collected a lot of contacts …

An Excel a day keeps the doctor away.

Who knew, that there are so many Exel using people out there? Even if you don’t use Excel and have no connection to it, go read Anil Dash’s Excel Pile posting for the comments.

Be it tracking who you hooked …

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Use Google maps with timezone informations

In order to get some more help on dealing with time zones, I encountered this tool: Gchart, using Google Maps and some wiki information.…

Amazon to introduce tags on product pages

Via Anil Dash: Amazon to introduce tags on product pages

Hm. My initial thought was “Oh great. Now we have to separate tagland into sellers and ‘normal’ taggers”. At least if they ping that out to the tag services …

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The new currency is trust and reputation, but we need better tools

Somebody seems to have played Memeorandum and Scoble links to the article saying:

Pete Cashmore says that humans are better, because they can’t be gamed. I say BS!!! We are gamed regularly and in many ways more transparently than an

The world should be flat.

And just have one time zone. It would *really* make lifes easier.…

Interesting article in the NYT about Life hacking

Robert links to an interesting article in the NYT called “Meet the Life Hackers“. I assume this goes behind a paywall soon, grab it and save the print version.

The fun things about people sharing their life hacks …

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