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From Gnomedex to blogher?

I really would like to attend Gnomedex which is on June 29th – July 1st and blogher which is July 28 and Saturday July 29. Assuming, that I am not the only woman who looks at both conferences and given …

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March, L.A. Barcamp

Okay. Do you really want to make me stay at home or what? Every time I am trying to do things, something happens.

In this case Barcamp L.A. or as Boingboing calls it:

It’s a sprawling, free-form slumber party

Travel advise needed: Palo Alto – San Diego – Austin

I am very happy that Elizabeth Albrycht has asked me to speak on the “Beyond Print: Podcasts and Video blogging” panel at the New Communication Forum in March next year!

Now, as the conference is from March 2-3 and it …