Take back the fun in podcasting (before you get your mid life crisis).


I have pondered a long time on how to write the article about “Has podcasting entered mainstream too fast?“.

One reason was being not sure about whether I am seeing ghosts or not. But conversations with other podcasters on this topic especially the comparison with growing up too fast, got positive feedback. And I really feel as if there has not been enough time to make a good enough foundation for podcasting in general.

While I will not attend the Expo (and I am envying the people who are going, but at the time when it was due to plan this trip to the states, I did not see this coming), I am really hoping that all of the podcasters coming will be able not only to generate many photos and podcasts, but also bring some fresh ideas into podcasting and perhaps lay some ground work for future development.

Podcasting as well as other social media tools are depending on what the people are able to do with them. It is no use to any of us if they give up early.

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