Ten rules for a lot of startups


Evan Williams has posted a nice set of rules for web startups – but in fact, they are not for startups alone.

Let me take rule number one of his – be narrow – and give a little input on that. What many people found out in the last months as it seems is that you have to have your niche – and it can be very small. Of course, everybody is right when we talk about “find a niche, be king in it” but I always find it funny, that one step is missing: to find the niche you can work in because it fits your profil best.

Because other than going for a niche you only can partly fulfill with what is needed, it is much easier to start with what your personal profil is about, what you can do best and go from there finding the niche you can work in. Because in that particular niche, you are so much better than everybody else. Because it features everything you are good at without doing a lot of work.

It takes some time and often another person as a sparringspartner to find out what exactly it is you are doing so much better than the rest – but eventually you will get to it. :)


3 Responses to “Ten rules for a lot of startups”

  1. Thanks for pointing me to a good article. Mucho appreicated.

  2. Sounds like your niche may be finding other people’s niches Nicole ;) Hope you’re inspired to take the entrepreneurial route sometime soon.

  3. Nicole says:

    :o) They usually stop being mad at for messing up their mind after a few days … and live happily ever after … ;)