The bouncy ball commercial is there.


Which image does this conjure?

250,000 multi-coloured ‘superballs’ bouncing down the streets of San Francisco

Or does this ring a bell?

An entire block was closed off and special compressed-air cannons shot the balls into the air, while earth moving equipment poured thousands down the street. Not that you’d know it from the finished product, but these balls can do some damage, so all the cars were props and crew members went so far as to having protective shields and crash helmets.

But when you get it right, you get it right. The goal at the beginning was to deliver a “really simple, visual celebration of colour”. We think you’ll agree the results speak for themselves.

The bouncy balls are back! And they bring a commercial with them, a full coverage in the modern internet age:

  • see the commercial in low / high quality
  • download several photos
  • links to a new flickr set with more production photos (the first one with the famous foto was here)
  • behind the scenes
  • a making off!

In case you are wondering: it is for a new TV. ;)

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6 Responses to “The bouncy ball commercial is there.”

  1. John says:

    can somone please tell me the name of the song from that ad. its an awesome ad and an awesome song. cheers

  2. Nicole says:

    Well, the name of the artist is featured quite visible on the website :)

    “The beautiful track that sets the mood for the commercial is ‘Heartbeats’, performed by José González from his critically-acclaimed debut Album, ‘Veneer’.”

  3. John says:

    well i couldnt find it so thankyou for your help. i will now learn the song on guitar and play it to girls to get laid. john

  4. Nicole says:


  5. Rachel says:

    Omg this is one of my all time fav songs :) & the advert is by far the best one i’ve seen, it’s so prettyful :p (i kinda feel sorry for that frog though)

  6. amy says:

    OMG,that ad is like so cool i really enjoyed was fab i wish it was still advertising on tv now this ad rocks the way of being colourful. it rocks