The conference of the year: reboot 8


Update: My pre conference podcast for Reboot 8 has started.

While the weather is messing with us here in Germany (bouncing between heavy rain and sunshine, cold with wind or too warm – guess where my new cold comes from!) I have been bouncing with joy since a few days ago I discovered that it is there.

I already got a sheet of stickers printed with the logo to put it everywhere in my sight. (Of course, Thomas did change it so I’ll have to print new ones.) But, no more fuzzing, it is announced:

The most important conference on the continent is open for registration. If you want to be a part of it, you should hurry. There are only 400 tickets and you can bet that a good deal of the visitors of last year will want to renew.

And of course there will be pre conference podcast!

Btw, when Ewan described to me Etech he said “Imagine people bouncing of each other sparkling with ideas and things which come out of this” (before we went there and discovered it not to be that way). I knew what he meant, because that is what reboot was for me last year. It will be even better this year.

If you look into coming: I expect the evening before and the Saturday after that to have something as well, so when you plan your trip, take that into account.

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