The one that blocks all the schmutz.


You got to go and read the story about Blake Ross’ grandfather and Firefox – a rabbi is involved too! :))

This is how you do real ‘marketing by family’!

btw, my mother and my aunt both call the firefox on their machines mozarella – because they mix up the Firefox and the Mozilla Thunderbird. They refer to the latter as ‘the red thing’. It is just like they say string to the control key (which is “Steuerung” in German and therefore STRG). And they don’t talk to one another about computer, the independently came up with it.

Like they called it on the one American Copywriter podcast: sometimes words and concepts just are grabbed by everyone because it lies in the air. :))


3 Responses to “The one that blocks all the schmutz.”

  1. toby says:

    Great story. Thanks for posting.

  2. I have coined around 30 neologisms for the blogosphere, and have some recognition online for it.

    One thing I do is just start using the words, like they’re already commonplace. People are in a hurry, so they just assume that my neologisms are commonplace, and thus start using them, as though playing “catch up”.

    Bloatosphere, blogistics, unblog, clinking, bloffing, zombie blogging, blogo-combat, many others, mostly self-evident. Bloffing = fluff blogging, clinking = cliquey blogroll linking, etc.

    Chris Ritke at 49 Media mentioned you in a recent post at one of my sites, saying that you were speaking of things similar to what and how I talk about them.

    So here I am and I’m here to explore.


    I can always use additional blogo-combat allies. Maybe you hate what I hate, like mediocrity, passivity, and excessive diplomacy when sharp-tongued rebuke and scolding are more appropriate.

  3. Nicole says:

    Hm, I don’t hate excessive diplomacy for just it, but sometimes it is annoying when people can do nothing else. And if you ask them for a straight answer, you won’t get them.

    If they are very good at it, it works. But many times you need to be a mind reader to get the meaning out of it …