Things start to happen


Today felt for me a bit like the reboot spirit is already slipping through my fingers, but then a mail popped out of my mailbox from Max Niederhofer about the “European Internet Project“, founded after reboot7:

At reboot, we realized that most Europeans don’t connect as much as they should and are always looking across the Atlantic for new trends, visions, leaders, innovative companies and so on (hey, three of four keynoters were Americans… on second thought, Cory is a bit of an honourary European by now).

In any case, we feel that Europe has a lot to offer and that it’s holding itself back by not being integrated enough. The EIP wants to connect Europeans working and playing on and with the internet by providing information on who is doing what in Europe, providing a basis for young European internet startups to launch from and eventually organizing some big conference bash.

While we’re focused on Europe as a region, we’re open for Americans interested in Europe as well. It’s about pro-Europe, not anti-America.

Absolutly agreed. Go read the manifesto, and subscribe to the Feed! Over the weekend I will get some more information from Max for postboot.

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2 Responses to “Things start to happen”

  1. hi there, don’t let Reboot slip.. things are happening here as well !.. I am working on a project together with some of the guys from reboot as well.. a lot of things are coming along

  2. Nicole says:

    I don’t plan to ;)