Things we need in the new communication world …


are things, which are so many years old.

I (of course) check my own feeds in my bloglines account and noticed some very strange wrong things there – which will bring me to repost the last article. I messed up my rss feed template and came up with yet another thing I know from usenet: superseedes.

Superseedes mean “please update this particular article and throw away the old one”. Everybody having ever posted something stupid knows that. Other things I want?

Crosspost management.
It would be so easy to set up feeds for all the different topics and subscribe to those, if I only could get out the duplicates. At the moment, one topic in three feeds means three new articles. Throw in three searches in different services like Technorati and Pubsub, you get 6. I just want to read that one time.

Usually, you like some parts of the blog you are reading and some are just boring to you. Why not say “kill everything tablet” on this blog if you are just into the other stuff? I am trying to set up a way of set up my blogs and feeds, but frankly, if you had killfiles for special topics in this general stream, you would make my life so much easier.

As you can see, I am not even touching Scorefiles or related things. I am just asking for basic, well known and implemented things which I got accustomed to in the usenet world and am missing it deeply in the blogworld.

Why do we always have to reinvent the wheel? *sigh*

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