This year sucks. Somebody shoot me.


I know, the year is only some days old but if I would collect all the stuff which has happened over the last two weeks … *sigh*. It started with a broken gas thermea and ended last with me missing a stair step and now having a hurting, thick knee. At the moment I would be thankful for just a break from that streak … At least I am travelling with rail not with my car.

Oh and did I mention that my main german blog is broken because the provider decided to switch something on which will make the blog software impossible to run? I have been unsatisfied with the provider since they changed owners two years ago and I am with them since 98 … so I have to change servers with an unwilling incompetend provider and I am not even at home nor do I have access to those needed documents, passwords and alike. Did I mention that I will need to recode some patches for the new environment and make adjustments on a core level?

if you ever met me you will know that I am not much of an esotheric person, far from that. But there is something about good and bad energy which just fits at the moment – event though good things happen to me at the moment, the negative ones hit so hard, that the good ones cannot make up for it, even if they are plenty …


6 Responses to “This year sucks. Somebody shoot me.”

  1. Hi Nicole,
    hold on tight. New year is always a time that think that things can change and some go for the bad.

    Keep up positive thinking and you’ll be alright. It’s just a phase.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Nicole,

    I won’t shoot you, like your blogposts and podcasts too much :-)

    Can image you state of mind tough…..

    Hope the rest of your year will get better and better….

    Sending positive energy,


  3. Tech Bee says:

    Same thing over here! So, don’t believe you are damned, or the target of evil forces. Must be a solar storm affecting all of us…!)Keep heart.

  4. Nicole says:

    Well. At the moment it is a quite earthly storm called Kyrill which is making me change planes on a big level with flight cancellation, early morning train departures and disputing hotel charges ;(

  5. Niqui Merret says:

    What about trying the Chinese new year instead? The year begins on 2/18/2007. Take that as a whole new start.

    Hope things get better.

  6. Jay Guy says:

    jez this pasge/article is from wehn new years 2007? Its the first search on google for “somebody shoot me” without the quotes but anyway no help i have yet to be shot