Thunderbird just downloading two messages at the time?


Until now I used Thunderbird as my Gmail-Backupsytem on my laptop to have offline access to my mails. But recently it started that instead of downloading in one or two batches all new messages, it only would go for 2 messages at a time. Anyone with an idea what this is about?

Perhaps a limitation of Thunderbird not being able to handle the amount of messages to index (1,5 GB of messages, quite a few of them in there)? My other accounts work fine, it is just this one huge which does not work.

I rather have them in Thunderbird because I know I can export them, but then again, it is getting rather slow in there as well. Any hints appreciated :)


One Response to “Thunderbird just downloading two messages at the time?”

  1. Firefox User says:

    I am also using Thunderbird and have 4200+ messages. It’s downloading only 2 messages at a time..

    Anyone have any ideas?