Tip: Use Technorati tags with spaces on multi words


I just noticed, that there is no need to include double versions with and without spaces for technorati – like for example and . It is sufficient (and better) to use the tag with multiple words with spaces because you will get both (with and without). Cool :)

Now if we only could get them to fetch the tags from the feed file and not from the front webpage? Because they belong logically to the bottom of a posting, but most of us write their posts longer and will then include the tags on the entry page – where it will not get fetched by T.

I am about to tweak my blog software the following way:

  • use the tags in an internal field
  • provide the first posting on the front page with the tags rifht beneath the title
  • every other posting has the tags at the bottom of the entry (meaning only visible on single entry page)
  • feeds will receive them at the bottom of an entry also

As I do ping after each new entry, that should work – if I my software to split multi worded tags correctly. :)

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2 Responses to “Tip: Use Technorati tags with spaces on multi words”

  1. oliver says:

    If you think about it tags should be also info for the reader (waht will be covvered in this text?) so actually their place is/would be under the headline or right in front of the text-body.


  2. Nicole says:

    No, I see them as additional information which belong at the bottom. Problem is, they won’t show up in Technorati if not on the front page, which is why i put them up at the start sometimes.