Trackback – dead or not.


I would have commented on “Trackback is Dead“, but Jeremy’s server says “You don’t have permission to access /mt/mt-comments.cgi on this server.” to me. So let’s try a trackback on a trackback discussion post :)

Is trackback dead? We stepped off email, because of Spam to feeds. Services like Technorati and co could take that role – if they would be complete.

I use several different services to watch for my blog and they do get different content – but that is what I see.

Trackbacks are for the visitor to have the possibility to follow the conversation in a very special style.

As long as the services don’t follow those links accordingly (like Technorati, which only parses the frontpage – quite stupid), there will be a need for trackback.

Or let’s say: There is a use for trackback.

(Phil, thanks for the idea with check back.)


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