Travel advise needed: Palo Alto – San Diego – Austin


I am very happy that Elizabeth Albrycht has asked me to speak on the “Beyond Print: Podcasts and Video blogging” panel at the New Communication Forum in March next year!

Now, as the conference is from March 2-3 and it is on the westcoast, I had a look at other possibilites over there and so far my rough schedule says: Going to Palo Alto, then San Diego for Etech and probably also then to Austin for SWSX.

Now, getting a flight is kind of easy business, but figuring out where to stay is a bit harder. Etech will be easier because as it seems, there will be a youth hostel nearby. Now I only need suggestions from you for staying in Palo Alto (or somewhere where I can easily get to the venue and on / off the airport.

I haven’t so much decided on SWSX but as I might want to go to blogher this year, SWSX could be a good chance to already hook up with some of the women from there. :)

So any suggestions for useful hotel etc, are greatly appreciated, as well as book recommendations or just rough links. As I never travelled to the US (do I have to filter my blogs first? *g*) I have not much clue except that I already know that my power cord for my laptop is supposed to work also under 110V ;)

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8 Responses to “Travel advise needed: Palo Alto – San Diego – Austin”

  1. Janko says:

    Just a general advice: I found to be a good ressource for hotel reviews in the US. I usually end up staying at the Hotel Strip in when I’m in San Diego, which is roughly a 10 minute drive from downtown. Some of the hotels there offer shuttle services as well. See you at Etech! :)

  2. Janko says:

    I mean Hotel Circle of course ….

  3. Nancy White says:

    I can’t help you with Austin, SD or Palo Alto, but if you make it up to Seattle, you can stay with me! I hope I see you either at SXSW or Blogher!

  4. You should contact Jeff Clavier

  5. Nicole says:

    Thanks for the tips so far – and cool, then I now have two ways to stay in Seattle *g*

  6. Salvor says:

    Hi Nicole, one of my videoclips from Les Blogs 2.o is of you doing a podcast at the conference. See

  7. Maryam says:

    It was great to hang out with you in Europe. I suggest the Cardinal hotel in Palo Alto. It’s pretty cheap compared to others:

    and if you ever make it to Seattle, you are welcome to stay with us as well.

  8. Toby says:

    Nicole – wonderful that you’re coming to the states … and yes! do think about coming back for BlogHer.